• Why have Danube industrial washing machines become a benchmark for energy efficiency and connectivity?

  • IoT in the industrial and self-service laundry sector: what benefits will it bring you?

  • Legislation and requirements for washing machines in hospitals, nursing homes and health care facilities

  • Self-service laundry modules for campsites: offer your customers the best possible service with DANUBE equipment.

  • Advantages of our solutions and modules for laundromats

    Danube offers a large selection of self-service laundry solutions and modules; this allows us to adapt to the needs, demands and budgets of our customers, without any problem. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know to choose the ideal solution for your business. 

  • Sale of industrial dryers: efficiency, connectivity and the highest drying quality

    The industrial dryer is a fundamental element for an efficient and quality service in a contemporary industrial laundry. It is one of the three parts that must make up the entire spectrum of machines, along with washers and flatwork ironers.