20 de May de 2020

Hospital laundry hygiene: washing machines complying with strict safety and hygiene parameters

With our sanitary barrier washers everything is easier and safer, both for operators and patients

Danube is an expert in hospital laundry hygiene. We have spent many years investing in research, development and marketing of all kind of machinery specially designed to prevent cross contamination in hospitals, nursing homes and medical centres, as well as nosocomial infections, both workers and patients..

All our sanitary barrier washers comply with the highest quality and safety standards; they also guarantee high levels of productivity and energy efficiency; they are ergonomic and all components are from latest generation while requiring no major maintenance.

higiene de ropa hospitalaria

3 different lines of medical washers are available in our catalogue, with different load capacities and performances. It should be noted that all models are controlled by the new ET2 microprocessor as standard. From advanced technology, it has a large touch screen, it can be configured in 37 different languages and is very easy to use. On the other hand, it offers the possibility to get traceability and data analysis in a very simple way. It has 8 dosing signals as standard and all washing programs can be customized. The washers have also a screen on the dirty side. In short necessary and cost-effective equipment that provides a great value for any hospital or nursing home.

Specific washers for cleanrooms, where hygiene is a top priority

Sometimes, in industry, some specific rooms are required, known as Cleanrooms, which allow controlling parameters of environmental contamination and offer an extreme level of hygiene. Typically they can be found in food processing, pharmaceutical, nuclear or chemical industries.

higiene de ropa hospitalaria

In this type of facility, machinery and laundry must be processed in the same centre since there are many potential sources of microbiological contamination, because bacteria spread very easily without strict control. They are also very prevalent in medical and healthcare research.

Our lines of MED and DBW sanitary barrier washers have been designed to be installed in such type of facility, with all the guarantees of health and safety required by current legislation.

If you need more detailed information you just have to contact our sales department, filling out the contact form you will find on this link. You can also send an email to info@danube-international.com or call at +33 254 880 576.