A barrier washer adapted to the most demanding hygiene and safety standards

Danube presents its new range of barrier washers available in 27, 35, 50 and 70 kg, equipped with the Easy Touch 2 control with a large touch screen, fully programmable. DBW barrier washers meet the needs of structures where laundry hygiene must be impeccable and where laundry productivity and performance must be guaranteed.

Developed by Danube International in 1984, these machines have been constantly evolving since then. They have been designed to be placed through a partition, thanks to the system of double doors opposed at 180°. Fully compliant with RABC standards, these machines guarantee staff safety, comfort and ergonomics.

The range has evolved in many respects: ergonomics, efficiency, connectivity. New models in 27, 35 and 50 kg are now available with a Pullman partition drum for time savings and greater ergonomics

News in our barrier washer extractors for 2021 |
News in our barrier washer extractors for 2021 |
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Main characteristics of DBW barrier washer extractors

  • G-factor 375 allowing shorter drying times
  • Extraction speed 920 rpm
  • Electric or steam heating
  • Dual energy model available (electric-steam heating)
  • EasyTouch 2 with an intuitive 7″color touch screen
  • Double display as standard
  • Body in grey skinplate
  • Drum, vat and top panel in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Huge ergonomic drum and vat doors
  • 8 dosing signals
  • Automatic positionning of drum with brake motor as standard
  • Galvanized base for increased robustness
  • 3 water inlets
  • Installation and maintenance designed to be simple and ergonomic
  • USB connection, ready for remote communication

Other available options

  • New: Pullman partition of drum
  • Double drain valve
  • Side drain valve
  • automatic weighing system on feet
  • Relay card to increase to 14 the number of dosing pump signals
  • Traceability printer for a paper report of the washing cycle
  • Titration valve
  • UPS unblocking system of drum brake in case of power failure
  • Body in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Sanitary stainless steel frame
  • End of cycle light alarm