• Why have Danube industrial washing machines become a benchmark for energy efficiency and connectivity?

  • IoT in the industrial and self-service laundry sector: what benefits will it bring you?

  • Legislation and requirements for washing machines in hospitals, nursing homes and health care facilities

  • Self-service laundry modules for campsites: offer your customers the best possible service with DANUBE equipment.

  • Industrial roller ironers: wall-mounted or high-production ironers?

    Industrial roller ironers are machines used to dry and iron large pieces of flat linen; They are very common in hotels and hospitals, as this is the type of place where fairly large volumes of flat linen are usually processed on a daily basis. In the world of flatwork ironers, there are two types, wall-mounted ironers and high-output ironers.

  • Dryers are one of the fundamental elements of any industrial laundry

    Danube offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art industrial dryers in catalog; we offer single drum, double drum and heat pump models.