Danube, innovation and design in industrial washing since 1947

We offer the best possible solutions for washing, drying and ironing, ensuring that they adapt perfectly to the specific needs of your laundry.
On this website you will be able to check the features and highlights of our laundry equipment, designed on the basis of 5 concepts that define all our machines: high performance, energy efficiency, connectivity, robustness and versatility.

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  • Advantages of our solutions and modules for laundromats

    Danube offers a large selection of self-service laundry solutions and modules; this allows us to adapt to the needs, demands and budgets of our customers, without any problem. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know to choose the ideal solution for your business. 

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  • Finishing cabinets: how to use them and what are the characteristics of our models

    DANUBE offers finishing cabinets among the wide range of complementary equipment for industrial laundry. Everything you need to finish all types of garments to perfection.

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  • Sale of industrial dryers: efficiency, connectivity and the highest drying quality

    The industrial dryer is a fundamental element for an efficient and quality service in a contemporary industrial laundry. It is one of the three parts that must make up the entire spectrum of machines, along with washers and flatwork ironers. 

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  • Industrial barrier washer: presentation of our models

    Danube is a specialist for many years in the design of barrier washing machines for hospitals and health centers. It is in this type of structure that we can find the greatest risk of contracting nosocomial infections and the laundry is one of the most common vectors of infection.

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MED 16-22 ET2
Barrier washer of MEDICAL range for cleanrooms
WPR 8-10
A professional washing machine designed for all types of laundries
WED 60-100C-120C ET2
Industrial washer extractors for hotels and all types of laundries with high G Factor
machine à laver le linge industrielle
WEM 11-14-18-27 ET2
Industrial washing machines for hotels and laundries designed to perform the most demanding services
AS-100 ET2
A barrier washer specially designed to handle hospital linen, with a Pullman partition of the drum
Aquabac : water recovery tanks designed for savings and durability in your laundry


Blue Wash
Open your self-service laundry business easily and quickly with Blue Wash by Danube
Wet Cleaning
Machinery especially designed and prepared to work with Wet Cleaning
Blue Corner
Transportable self-service laundry with the latest generation machinery
Washers and dryers designed to achieve maximum hygiene, traceability and efficiency


The perfect balance between INNOVATION, EFFICIENCY and SAVINGS

  • Installation: 7WASH LAUNDRY

    Country: Mexico

    Sector: Coin-op laundry

  • Installation: PRESSING PARIS

    Country: France

    Sector: Industrial laundry