20 de April de 2021

All our ET2 industrial dryers are equipped with a 7” touch screen


All the news about our professional and industrial dryers for the year 2021


This year 2021 is full of novelties in all our ranges of professional and industrial dryers, in order to further improve the energy efficiency and especially the connectivity.

First of all, the great novelty in our professional range of dryers remains in the integration of new gas heated models (DPR-8 y 10), available both with ET2 microprocessor and EM electronic programmer.

Regarding industrial dryers, this range has also been extended with new models, in different capacities, allowing us to adapt even more to the needs of any type of laundry while better complementing our range of industrial washers: a 14 kg model in the GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE single drum ranges along with 14, 28 and 35 kg models in the BASIC range, also single drum.

On the other hand, in our double drum range, we launched a new STD Plus gas heated model, more powerful, allowing the drying cycle to be halved.

But the most important information to remember is undoubtedly the incorporation as standard of the new ET2 microprocessor with a 7” screen on all ET2 models of our industrial range.

Danube’s IoT has been designed to collect and process all kinds of data from each drying cycle

IoT is the digital interconnection of everyday objects with the internet. This is a cutting-edge technology that allows you to connect your machine to the cloud for easier management and maximum time optimization.

It provides information on the cycles and productivity of your equipment, but also on program control, while offering a long list of advantages to the technical department as it allows many applications and functions remotely.

The Danube Online system offers a whole world of advantages for the traceability of your equipment, cycle after cycle, which, undoubtedly, is marking a turning point in the professional, industrial and self-service laundry sector.

Other Danube novelties in 2021: our wall ironers


We continue to bring you some of this year’s most notable new product innovations. For example, to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market, we completely redesigned our range of 180 mm wall ironers, perfect for small businesses, restaurants and laundry with little daily workload, as well as we added a new working width of 2 meters in the 250 mm wall ironers models.

And if you have a look at the new 500 and 650 mm flatwork ironers, you will notice that they have many state-of-the-art features and functions like the CARE IRON residual moisture control, the HPS optimized production system, the built-in lengthwise folder, available with or without rear exit, as well as the new Danube Online system for comprehensive remote control from a mobile device.

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