21 de September de 2020

Equipment and keys for washing and disinfecting hospital laundry

Latest generation of barrier washers with all safety guarantees


lavado y desinfeccion de ropa hospitalaria


The situation we are all experiencing as a company has changed some sectors and made others completely be reinvented. While the hospitality sector is experiencing the worst crisis in memory, laundries in hospitals or care homes have to process a larger quantity of infected laundry.

This is in this context of economic and sanitary crisis that Danube barrier washers can play an essential role, on both ways, for many reasons.

Danube DBW line: the perfect combination of production, washing quality, efficiency and safety at work


lavado y desinfección de ropa hospitalaria

DBW barrier washers have been designed for all hospital laundries that need to daily wash a great quantity of linen, as they are available in various load capacities, ranging from 27 to 70 kg, depending on the model.

These washers for hospitals have been designed to meet the strict hygiene requirements of healthcare facilities. They prevent dirty laundry from crossing over with clean laundry, being adapted to the most stringent hospital hygiene rules and avoiding cross-contamination at each stage of the washing process.

Washing and disinfection of hospital laundry: a washer with advanced features and maximum efficiency

Among the outstanding features of the DBW barrier washer extractor, there is, for instance, a high level of energy efficiency.
Thanks to the Optimal Loading system, the water and detergent consumption levels can be adjusted according to the load. Thanks to a high G factor, the level of residual moisture in the laundry is reduced, thus minimizing drying times and therefore energy consumption.
One of the most important strengths is the standard incorporation of the new ET2, a microprocessor specifically designed to work with ecological programs with low consumption, with a large touch screen that offers the possibility of displaying illustrative videos, with traceability control and adjustment of water levels (Water Savings)…
In addition, this special washer for washing and disinfecting hospital laundry is very ergonomic, can be connected and does not require major maintenance.

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Making an investment of this size can lead to many questions for any hospital or health center manager.
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