9 de October de 2020

A flatwork dryer ironer designed to optimize all types of laundries

Maximum productivity, energy efficiency and high finishing quality

En nuestro catálogo contamos con cuatro modelos distintos; los modelos más pequeños de ø 200 y 325 mm, compactos y pensados para lavanderías que dispongan de poco espacio; y los más grandes de ø 500 y 650 mm, capaces de procesar elevadas cantidades de ropa plana en un tiempo récord.

Reducen los costos operativos gracias a sus avanzadas prestaciones de eficiencia energética, como el innovador sistema CARE IRON para el control automático de la humedad residual; los quemadores de gas radiante o su sistema de paro automático a los 80 °C.

Our flatwork ironers are efficient and have been designed according to strict energy efficiency criteria, in cohesion with our industrial washers and dryers industriels. With or without sophisticated devices, these machines are designed to offer performance and significant energy savings to all types of customers and laundries: hotels, hospitals, residences, industrial laundries…

In our catalogue, we have four different models, the smallest ones of ø 200 and 325 mm, compact and suitable for laundries with few space ; and the biggest ones of ø 500 and 650 mm, able to process large quantities of flat linen in record time.

These models reduce operating costs thanks to their advanced features turned to energy efficiency, such as the innovative CARE IRON system for automatic control of residual humidity, radiant gas burners for models with gas heating or automatic shutdown at 80°C.

máquina secadora y planchadora

They save both time and space with options that allow them to meet the requirements of a contemporary industrial laundry.

We would also like to point out that the 500 and 650 mm models incorporate, as standard, the new ET2 microprocessor, with 10 preset programs and a large 7” touchscreen that allows the display of illustrative videos or the control of traceability, among other features.

It is also important to mention the HPS innovative system on the 650 mm models ; a high production system capable to offer an ironing speed up to 15 m/mn and a help to introduction thanks to a moderate speed.

In short these ergonomic and very versatile flatwork ironers are characterized by their robustness and the fact of not requiring major maintenance tasks.

All models are equipped with feeding bands and very high temperature resistant Nomex ironing bands, with which high quality ironing is achieved. At the same time, a chrome plated roll, corrosion resistant, can be added as an option on larger models for even longer life.

Do you have questions on our flatwork ironers…

máquina secadora y planchadora

Investing in such an equipment requires being sure not to make a mistake.

We have always been characterized by our professionalism, our attention to each client and our concrete commitment to the R&D of new technologies that allow us to launch on the market technologically advanced and efficient industrial laundry equipment.

If you have any questions about our wall flatwork ironers, you can call us on +33 (0)2 54 88 05 76 or write to us at export@danube-international.com. You can also fill out the form you will find on this website.

We would be delighted to recommend that you spend a few minutes to see our wide range of industrial machines with which you can optimize all your laundry processes, while achieving the best results and significant savings.