10 de July de 2020

New heat pump dryers by Danube

Efficiency, connectivity, low maintenance and the highest drying quality

Danube is pleased to present its new GOLD ET2 heat pump dryers; A range of dryers that have been designed to simplify your daily life and satisfy all the needs of an industrial or coin-operated laundry, reducing cycle times while keeping high drying efficiency; all this without altering clothes and offering advantages of the most efficient models, always with the best value for money.
secadoras bomba de calor


The fact is that this model represents a real revolution for a long list of reasons. First of all, its high level of energy efficiency has to be highlighted, with very compelling specific benefits.

The new ET2 has been designed based on efficiency and connectivity

This is an easy-to-use microprocessor well adapted to 21st century laundries. It has a large 7” touch screen that allow you to display illustrative or promotional videos in a very simple way, being something extremely functional in self-service laundries. It also offers the possibility to customize programs and includes some preset programs, as well as traceability control or data analysis in real time.

Others features designed to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency

In accordance with our commitment in researching and developing new technologies that respect environment, all our dryers offer a series of features that guarantee the highest possible level of energy efficiency, this model being the most obvious example. We will start by highlighting the CARE DRY system for intelligent control of the residual moisture; also the COOL DOWN system for cooling clothes at the end of each cycle, avoiding wrinkles; or the innovative AIR-RECYCLE which makes it possible to take advantage of the hot drying air to be used for future cycles, saving energy and achieving much shorter cycle times. Then we can point out its wide fluff filter drawer and its axial-radial double airflow.

Ask for more information without any commitment to our sales department

There could be some doubts about this type of equipment as it represents quite an important investment for any company. From Danube, we want to convey that if this is the case, the solution is very simple, you just have to contact our sales department, we will reply to you in the shortest time possible, resolving all questions necessary and offering the model of dryers that best meets the needs of your laundry. You can do it by calling +33 2 54 88 05 76, sending an email to info@danube-international.com, or filling out the contact form you will find on this website.It’s that simple!