5 de August de 2022

IoT in the industrial and self-service laundry sector: what benefits will it bring you?

Smart washing machine: features, functions and benefits

More and more objects and devices are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) and this time it is the turn of the industrial laundry and self-service sector. Therefore, in the following article, DANUBE would like to explain what a smart washing machine is: its characteristics, the additional functions it has thanks to the IoT and the advantages it offers over traditional washing machines.

Knowing what a washing machine needs to look like to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s time to talk about the role of technology applied to the laundry industry and how it adds value to the market. The future of industrial washing machines inevitably involves artificial intelligence, with connectivity being a key factor here, allowing the washing machine to be controlled with a smartphone.

smart washing machine features

The latest innovations in remote control and monitoring, driven by the relentless growth of IoT and applied to DANUBE equipment, bring innovative and useful solutions to the professional industrial laundry sector, while contributing to the optimisation and efficiency of resources in any type of laundry.

What is the IoT of smart washing machines?

The IoT contributes to the development of connectivity solutions through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options. It allows for the monitoring of wash cycles, machine status, incident detection or remote control of equipment, making it easier to control their operation and improving the quality of life of both the machines and the operators monitoring their operation. 

As a manufacturer of industrial laundry equipment, we have integrated IoT into our equipment to better serve our customers. 

smart washing machine features

General characteristics of the Internet of Things device in a DANUBE intelligent washing machine

  • Ability to maintain consistent performance under varying loads.

  • Adjustment of water consumption and washing time according to the weight of the laundry, avoiding energy waste and guaranteeing the quality of the wash.

  • Selection of categories and/or levels of soiling of the load.

  • Minimum cycle time to ensure effective washing.

  • Effective wash range in degrees (e.g. 20°C to 40°C).

  • Compatibility of the application with market standards.

  • WiFi / Bluetooth / NF transmission.

Being able to monitor wash cycles and the condition of a washing machine is now a reality we could never have imagined, but it is gradually becoming part of our daily lives, helping to make the most arduous tasks easier and extend the life of industrial washing equipment.

What benefits does the IoT bring to the industrial laundry sector?

Easier management and greater efficiency, by maintaining a continuous update of the device’s status through performance monitoring.

In the event of a malfunction or breakdown, the Smart Check-Up function of the intelligent washing machine is immediately activated and provides specific information on the problem, helping the user to identify the solution quickly and independently within the limits imposed by the predefined safety standards.

You can control the operation by selecting the most used programmes and learn to optimize your washing habits by reading the statistics provided by the intelligence of the internal counters, which are graphically represented by a specially developed app.

Intelligent washing machines will help you step by step to recommend the most suitable programme based on previous interactions and, if you are allowed to do so, they remember it, thus improving the performance of the machine.

In addition, verbal interaction also makes it easier to make simple requests in natural language, wait for a response and follow the instructions provided. Thus, it is possible to “talk” directly to the intelligent washing machine and find the most appropriate programme in just a few steps.

An application will suggest the ideal wash for any type of garment, fabric, colour or even degree of soiling using standard classifications.

Wash cycle functions offer the ability to update and customize the IoT smart washer during each wash cycle.

It is possible to select the best programme for clothes from dozens of different wash cycles, adapting them to the most typical washes related to the different habits and lifestyles and hobbies of all kinds that also affect the condition of our clothes when they are washed repeatedly: gymnastics, handicrafts, work clothes, baby care, etc.

This section includes all the functions that allow you to program the wash, so that you can decide exactly when, at what time or under what conditions you want one or more wash cycles to start or end.

They come with a clear help guide that is also included in the accompanying printed instructions. They offer a comprehensive set of online tips compiled to save time and money, so you can get your laundry done right.

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