20 de October de 2019

ET2: a new microprocessor designed to optimize hospital laundry

Danube is proud to present its new innovative ET2 microprocessor

Lavado de ropa hospitalaria

Washing hospital clothes is a process that must be performed to the highest standards of quality and safety. Based on this principle, we would like to present all of our sanitary barrier washing machines, paying particular attention to the new ET2 microprocessor, which offers a long list of advantages for your hospital laundry.

This new microprocessor has a lot of features designed to improve the operation of the washing machine, significantly increase energy efficiency and reduce water consumption to a minimum.

It includes a touch screen of 4.3 ”or 7” depending on the model chosen. It has 8 preset programs which can be modified during the washing process. In addition, you have the possibility of creating, exporting or importing illimitated new programs via a USB connection and special software.

It also offers the possibility of displaying videos on the screen, information or instructions. It can be configured in 37 different languages, making it easy to use for everyone.

Washing hospital linen with new Danube barrier washers

Lavado de ropa hospitalaria

Danube’s line of sanitary barrier washers is specially designed to avoid cross-contamination in hospitals and medical centers. All have a double door system, one side for loading dirty clothes and another for unloading clean laundry, avoiding contact between the two at any time. They have a high G factor and are available in different load capacities. We have three different models in the same range: MEDICAL, DBW and PULLMAN.

In addition, all are machines that have been manufactured with always in mind their ergonomics, with easy access to all their components, which does not require major maintenance. In short, a necessary and crucial investment for any hospital or medical center.