10 de June de 2020

Considerations and tips for cleaning pharmaceutical clothes in a cleanroom

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limpieza de ropa farmacéutica


There currently are many sectors that require controlled environmental contamination in industry with special attention to the pharmaceutical or chemical sector. In these types of rooms, which are offering to monitor scrupulously the parameters of air pollution: temperature, pressure, airflow, lighting…, it is important to maintain very strict hygiene and safety measures, to avoid setbacks, accidents, errors and keep the area clean and disinfected at all times. It is also of vital importance to use washing machines with sanitary barrier with which cross contamination is avoided between dirty and clean linen.

Guidelines to follow regarding pharmaceutical laundry and safety protocols

To avoid contamination in cleanrooms, all the staff, including laundry operators, must respect the clothing standards stated in the protocol which may vary according to the particularities of each installation, but in general terms:

  • Doors should be closed properly, exhaustively controlling the entrances and exits of all the staff.
  • The clothing should be appropriate with all safety measures: gown, mask, gloves, goggles…
  • Wash one’s hands constantly.
  • Rob the feet on the carpet to remove any particles or dirt that can be carried under the shoes.

limpieza de ropa farmacéutica

How to carry out cleaning tasks in a cleanroom?


To carry out the cleaning of cleanrooms and pharmaceutical laundries, a number of factors must be taken into account, which will make the difference between success and failure of the operation.
First of all, it is necessary to be clear about the type of installation, to identify which products can be used and which cannot.
On the other hand, the most used accessories currently are:

  1. HEPA total filter vacuum cleaners
  2. Microfiber rag
  3. Microfiber mops
  4. Disinfectant products to choose depending on the type of installation

It should be noted that if the products are not used properly or if inadequate products are used, instead of facilitating the cleaning process, they may however deteriorate the situation. Think that fabrics are a very important source of contamination and, if we don’t use the correct material, they can become part of the problem, instead of being part of the solution.

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