21 de November de 2020

Laundry hygiene and disinfection in hospitals and medical centers

Solutions for linen disinfection in hospital laundries for safe and operational processes

Hospital laundries are risky places, conducive to contamination and where it is advisable to follow protocol and hygiene regulations which ensure both the smooth running of all activities and the safety of all operators.

Danube is a specialist in laundry hygiene and disinfection solutions in this kind of place, with a wide choice of machinery in our catalogue for laundry in healthcare facilities.

All our lines of washers and dryers have been designed for durability, ergonomics and easy maintenance.

Our catalogue includes compact machines that offer significant energy savings while maintaining the highest level of hygiene and disinfection required.

Soluciones de desinfección de ropa

All of them –with a particular attention to the range of our barrier washers – are manufactured with specific materials for healthcare environments, such as skinplate or stainless steel panels, AISI 304 or 316L stainless steel vat and drum, optional HEPA filters, new ET2 control…

If we look at some of these machines features, we will see, for example, that it is possible to add a HEPA filter to tumble dryers to ensure air purity ; It is also important to highlight that different sizes of HEPA filters are available depending on the requirements level of each clean room.

As the drying process is also a crucial part in a hospital laundry, it is important to note that all of our dryers can be configured with specific elements to ensure the required level of hygiene.

On the other hand, our barrier washer extractors have been designed taking into account all the criteria and hygiene standards required by the current regulation. The opposed double door system –one to introduce dirty laundry and the other to unload clean one, thus avoiding any type of contamination– has been designed to ensure the safety of operators at all times as well as the use of the new ET2 microprocessor offers advanced prestations, allowing a degree of energy efficiency unmatched to date by equivalent models.

The new ET2 control is also a turning point in the design of our machines

Thanks to this new microprocessor, our equipment for hospitals and clean rooms has taken a leap forward.

Designed according to strict energy efficiency criteria, it has a large 7” touch screen capable to display illustrative or instruction videos to users.

Its powered software allows real-time data analysis and the traceability control of each cycle remotely, in a simple and comfortable way. It comes as standard with many ecological and efficient programs and offers the possibility of loading customized programs thanks to a USB connection.

It is ready to operate with Wet Cleaning programs and can be configured in 38 various languages. This microprocessor undoubtedly marks a before and after in the design of our industrial and hospital laundry machines, with a technological advance for our hygiene and disinfection solutions thanks to these advantages.

If you want more information, just contact our sales department

Soluciones de desinfección de ropa

If you would like to know more about protocols, applications of our machines or process and disinfection solutions for hospital and medical centers laundries, do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

You can do it by calling +33 254 880 576 or writing an email to info@danube-internacional.com. You can also fill out the form you will find under this link. Our technical service, our wide experience and long history in the industrial, hospital and pharmaceutical laundry sector are the best guarantees for our customers.