20 de November de 2019

Factors to consider when choosing an industrial dryer


Starting a laundry business requires in-depth planning and preparation. Apart from the correct location, the appropriate laundry equipment is needed to compete on equal terms with other industry players. Regardless of the equipment you purchase, an industrial tumble dryer is indispensable and cannot be missing.

In case you don’t know, the laundry sector is changing rapidly. Unlike what happened years ago, customer expectations are high and it is necessary to do things differently to excel and achieve success.

Secadora industrial

An industrial tumble dryer is essential in an industrial or self-service laundry. It will help cultivate greater customer loyalty in the long term. There are several brands of industrial dryers in the market, choosing the right model is often a challenge.

Choose the best industrial dryer for your laundry

Buying the right industrial dryer is always worth it and is an excellent investment. But making a machine mistake is a nightmare that you should not experience under any circumstances. From Danube we don’t want you to have this experience; That’s why we have developed a guide on how to choose the right industrial dryer.

What to consider when buying an industrial dryer?

1. Be clear about the working volume of your industrial dryer

The first thing to do is calculate the workload of your laundry. It is not convenient to start by acquiring a model with a large load capacity if you do not need it.

If you are starting, it is better to choose a medium capacity, and thus not make a large investment at once. However, when your business begins to expand, it is when you should consider buying a larger one.

2. Cost

The cost of the machine is something to keep in mind when buying an industrial dryer. This will allow you to prepare a tight budget and plan the following phases with peace of mind.

3. Durability, ergonomics and maintenance

Durability and ergonomics are two very important factors when it is time to choose an industrial dryer.

Therefore, read the opinions of other users, inform yourself and ask for everything you think is convenient to the sales department of the company that manufactures your industrial dryer.

Leave emotions aside and do not hurry; otherwise, you will end up buying the wrong dryer.

On the other hand, you will be interested to know that all Danube dryers are ergonomic and do not require major maintenance.

4. Easy to use

All Danube dryers are governed by the same: they must be easy to use and install. It makes no sense to buy laundry equipment that is complicated and cumbersome to use. They should be able to be implemented without any training.