10 de February de 2021

What’s new for Danube’s professional tumble dryers in 2021?

A professional tumble dryer with greater energy efficiency, a higher degree of connectivity, and the most advanced features yet

Our range of tumble dryers is designed to simplify your daily routine and meet all your business or laundry needs, reducing cycle times and maintaining high drying efficiency, without any disturbance to the laundry, and including highest quality drying.

The line of single drum tumble dryers brings you the benefits of the most efficient models with the best value for money.

They have a long list of standard and optional features to save energy and greatly reduce drying time: CARE DRY system to control humidity, SOFT DRY which has improved drum perforations to extend the laundry lifespan, air recycling system in the GOLD range, double glass door, insulated panels, etc.

The HP range of tumble dryers – models operating with a heat pump system – also features most of the aforementioned features and great energy savings, with the added advantage that they do not need to be externally vented.

Not to mention the STD tumble dryers with double drums, which save space by doubling output and, as if that wasn’t enough, in 2021 we have introduced a turbo function into these specific models, which halves the drying time while still achieving the same drying quality.

IoT in ourprofessional tumble dryers


The Internet of Things is here to stay. Thanks to this, our professional tumble dryers have many strengths and advantages that are designed to considerably facilitate the management of your laundry space, as well as all the processes that take place therein, in a practical, comfortable and completely digitalised and automated way.

Firstly, it enables distributors to monitor all machines, report errors, helps with management, traceability and statistics; all this data can be downloaded together in an Excel file, it has a remote desktop and a data retrieval system to improve after-sales service, software updates, etc.

Secondly, we will demonstrate the many benefits for owners of OPL and self-service laundries, such as complete remote management of the laundry from a mobile device – create discount programmes for customers, view and download statistics in Excel, control traceability, geolocate any machine and, basically, control the business –, a state-of-the-art remote payment system, payments via QR code, promotions and loyalty cards, machine reservation, etc.

All of this is a reflection of our strong commitment to preserving and respecting the environment

All these advantages, together with the technical features of our tumble dryers and the integration of the new ET2 microprocessor as standard, make them the most environmentally friendly and efficient tumble dryers on the market today.

Additionally, we also have a range of front-loading or barrier washer extractors – specifically designed to avoid cross-contamination in hospitals and medical centres – as well as a whole range of wall-mounted and high-production irons, which will allow you to completely optimise your laundry space, in terms of energy efficiency, connectivity, process quality and productivity.

For more detailed information or to request a quote, simply call +33 254 880 576 or send an email to info@danube-international.com. You can also take a moment to fill out this form and we will get back to you right away.