STD-SILVER ET2 11-14-18-22

Double pocket

Two in one, the best choice for laundries with limited spaces

Double dryers are perfectly adapted to the needs of small businesses that require a lot of performance in little space. Compact, this range offers optimized and quality solutions. Equipped with the same features as the DD-SILVER ET2 range, these dryers make it possible to double production in capacities of 11,14, 18 and new model 22 kg.

New STD-18 PLUS model, 18 kg, gas heating, more powerful for more productivity!

News on our industrial dryers for 2021 |
News on our industrial dryers for 2021 |
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Main features of STD-SILVER ET2 range

  • Construction in grey skinplate, stainless steel look.
  • Big loading door (opening of 180º).
  • Direct drive through a gearbox, no pulley.
  • EASY TOUCH 2: microprocessor fully programmable with 7″ touch screen on all models
  • Danube Online communication – IoT as standard
  • REVERSING DRUM: All models offer a reversing drum.
  • DOUBLE FLOW: Mixed axial-radial airflow to optimise and maximise the airflow circuit in the drum.
  • SOFT DRY: The new drum with stamped holes makes sure the linen is gently handled.
  • Filter drawer with wide surface.
  • COOL DOWN: Anti-wrinkle at the end of cycle.
  • Models available in electric or gas.

Available options for STD-SILVER ET2 range

  • CARE DRY: Intelligent moisture control
  • SPRINKLER: Integrated Fire Extinguishing System
  • Back panel with air filter
  • Double door glass.
  • Stainless steel body or front panel
  • Tropicalized model (ET2)
  • Fluff filter with grid 0,3 mm (standard is 0,6 mm)
  • Perfume dosing / vaporizing system