DD-GOLD ET2 11-14-16-23-28-35-45-60-80

Single pocket

Up to 40 % energy savings possible thanks to standard features on this range

DD-GOLD ET2 tumble dryers are the best representation of a wide range of tumble dryers, with very advanced features, which save up to 40% of energy compared to other models, thanks to which it has been possible to reduce, to a large extent, the time of drying. That makes them efficient, modern and high performance dryers.

Buying this last generation dryer is a great investment for any company that has a laundry service. Because investing in quality and efficiency means investing in the future.

New 14 kg model !

News on our industrial dryers for 2021 | www.danube.com
News on our industrial dryers for 2021 | www.danube.com
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Performance of DD-GOLD ET2 dryers in terms of dyring quality and energy efficiency

  • Body in grey skinplate, stainless steel look.
  • Big loading door (opening of 180º).
  • AIR RECYCLE: Air recovery system for great energy efficiency.
  • CARE DRY: Intelligent humidity sensor with precise control of moisture in the linen. By this system the drying cycle will
  • automatically stop when it reaches the set level of residual moisture.
  • INSULATED PANELS & DOUBLE DOOR GLASS: The complete circuit of air-flow has been thermally insulated in order to optimize the
  • energy to heat air and to maximize energy efficiency. Double doorglass.
  • OPTIMAL FLOW: The range of GOLD dryers complements the axial-radial air flow with side and front openings to increase and optimize
  • the airflow circuit, achieving the most efficient drying conditions.
  • SPRINKLER: Integrated Fire Extinguishing System.
  • EASY TOUCH 2 microprocessor with 7″ touch screen
  • REVERSING DRUM: All models offer the reversing drum.
  • Filter drawer with wide surface.
  • Cool Down: Anti-wrinkle at the end of cycle.
  • Models available in electric, gas or steam heating.

Additional options for DD-GOLD ET2

  • Stainless steel front panel or body
  • Low pressure steam battery