10 de May de 2020

Catering tumble dryers: new models for 2020

The new models represent a revolution in industrial drying

With the new tumble dryers for hospitality that we have launched to the market in 2020, it has been achieved a step towards which we believe should be the laundry of the future. We are talking about industrial machines that offer high drying quality, together with high productivity and the highest degree of energy efficiency.

As an example, we would like to highlight the strengths and characteristics of DD-GOLD dryers with new ET2 microprocessor.

A model of dryer for hospitality that put a turning point in terms of savings, as it guarantees a 40% annual reduction of energy consumption thanks to its intelligent recirculation system. It has also a great influence in the following aspect, the new ET2 control, ready to work with Wet Cleaning programs and supplied with a complete and free software to allow the customization of programs, to get traceability and data analysis in real time…

It also have a large 7” touch screen on which all kind of illustrative videos can be displayed.

It is tumble dryers with advanced technology and enjoying connectivity, being perfect for remote laundry management.

secadoras de ropa para hosteleria

A profitable investment for any hospitality facility in this country

Restaurants with high volumes of work often need external laundry services or have to go to laundromats with the waste of time and money that it entails.

The best solution may be to set up a small laundry area in the same restaurant, as we believe that it will provide a long list of valuable advantages. In the case of this tumble dryer for hospitality, it has been designed to simplify your daily life and satisfy all drying needs, reducing cycle times and maintaining high efficiency, without altering the clothing or the professional outfits of your staff.

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