20 de March de 2020

How to choose a professional washing machine?

Features of a professional washing machine such as Danube can provide to you

It is not always in the place of a professional laundry man to make a smart choice or decision on the acquisition of a highly efficient washing machine. People tend to find it challenging to make such a smart choice because of the bulkiness of the machine and also the innumerable variety of products available in the market. These ten factors, however, will serve as a guide to anyone who wants to own a professional washing machine, whether it is for a commercial purpose or for home domestic purposes. They are the basics with which you can make a good choice out of the seemingly numerous varieties in the market.


An efficient, good and quality washer don’t necessarily need to be too expensive. Cost effectiveness being a factor people don’t take for granted, a careful budget with regards to the size and capacity specs of the washing machine should be made alongside the preference of the purchaser.

Different products come with different warranty which takes care of both the cost of repairs and replacement right from the time date it was purchased. Whether a manufacturer offers a one, two or five-year guarantee, they are to be expected as they are as important as other factors.


This is one of the major specs to be considered when choosing a professional washing machine. The models come in different drum sizes ranges from 5-12kg and are based on preference considering your available space for installation. The bigger the drum size of the washer, the more you can wash, but also note that the bigger drums have bigger costs. Also consider the size of the family involved or the wash load before choosing a drum size.


A professional washing machine comes with features that will suit your need, as they carry settings according to the fibre of clothes, temperature and spin rate required. Possible options may include “Soak”, “Extra Soak”, “Delicate”, “Rinse”, “Second Rinse”, “Heavy duty”, “Fast wash”, “Baby cycle”, “Hand wash”, etc. These options and settings are basically individual preferences, and so whether the fabric is cotton, silk, wool etc, the machine’s settings and programs should be able to accommodate it.


A washer’s spinning speed is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm). Machines with big spinning speed ranges from 1000 to 1800 rpm, and it is worthy of note that the higher the spinning speed the more it extracts water from the clothes and dries them faster. Cramming a machine full may reduce tumbling action which may also prevent water and chemicals adequately permeating the clothes and therefore reduce its spinning speed. Although it is not always advisable to use the maximum spin limit on clothes, the machine’s manual should be adhered to for proper guidance.


A better performance is expected to come from a stainless-steel tub especially when you wash clothes very often. A large capacity, professional and high efficient washing machine will have a deeper tub and so a check should be made on your preferred tub before making a purchase.


The ability of a washing machine to save electricity and water is one of the factors that makes it considerable. The quest for a highly efficient and productive washing machine has to put into consideration its energy saving and consuming rate. A purchaser should look out for the energy rating labels: they range from A+++ for the most energy efficient to D for the least efficient ones.


Choosing a front loader or top loader depends on purpose and preference. Front-loading washing machines use less detergent, water and energy, gently tumbles the clothes over and over again, they are believed to perform better and are costlier in price. The top-loading washing machines however, tend to wash a lot faster, they weigh less, are relatively cheaper to buy but use plenty of water to wash and float the clothes. So, based on preference, a wise consideration is advisable before making a choice. The different loaders have different specifications.


Washing machines have steam setting which are quite useful in dirt and stain removal. It is a plus that the machine has a feature like built-in heaters (electric heating instead of hot water heating) which regulates the temperature of the water. This ensures the availability of hot water, which cleans clothes better.


There may be some consideration given to some dealers or retailers who offer delivery and installation services when a machine is purchased. Such services may also include wiggling the machine to its prepared place, connections and removing an old machine being replaced. These services may cost little or nothing and so should be considered as well.


When a machine is easy to use, it should have instant and clear labelling directives, easy setting and program selection for the user, ensure that the detergent and fabric dispensers are easy to use, and should possess the very features needed by the user. This is why the manual should be written with a general language clearly understood by the user.


Making a good choice for a professional washing machine is solely dependent on the user’s specific preference. However, durability and efficiency should be paramount in making the choice and also reliable manufacturers are considered.