20 de May de 2021

How do I make my laundry business successful : take a look at our specialized machinery

We offer special and easily adaptable models for coin-operated laundry

If you are thinking about how to set up a profitable laundrette, from Danube, we would like to recommend you to take a few minutes to check all the models in our catalogue that are prepared for self-service use.

We have highly efficient professional, industrial washers and dryers, from the latest generation and with high quality components, with which profitability is more than guaranteed.

Let’s start with our professional models:the WPR 8-10 washers and DPR 8-10 dryers, which have nothing to envy their big sisters in terms of energy efficiency, connectivity or quality of components, but that enjoy a price much tighter and more economical.

In the case of the washing machine, we would like to highlight that it is prepared to work with Wet Cleaning programs, it has a G Factor of 450 -higher than similar models currently in the market- or that is equipped with the new ET2, a microprocessor with a large touch screen and advanced features related to energy efficiency or connectivity.

If we look at the dryer, we might emphasize that it is ready to be installed on top of the professional washing machine, bearing in mind that coin-operated laundries often need to save as much space as possible. Regarding technical aspects, this model offers an electric heating system with two different configurations along with a new gas model, a wide fluff filter and the possibility of two controls: electronic or new ET2 microprocessor.

In fact, we offer a global solution called Blue Corner, where a module assembly allows us to have both machines, in addition to being complemented by a long list of additional components: dosing cabinet, counter folding table, column for stacked machines, LED screen…



Bluewash Box: structures that will allow you to have a state-of-the-art coin-operated laundry fully adaptable to your needs

To further answer “how do I make my laundry business successful”, that we consider in this blog, we cannot forget to show you all the advantages and characteristics of our Bluewash modules.

  • BlueWash


In this case, we offer you a laundry space with a daring, modern and functional design to create and completely decorate your laundry business: machinery, central pay, graphics and design…

  • BlueWash 25


This solution is ideal for all those customers who need to open their own coin-operated laundry. They only need to have a space of 25 sqm and we will take care of everything. The machinery kit that we usually install the most is composed of 2 stacked WPR-10 washers with 2 DPR-10 dryers, a WED-18 washer, 1 DD-16 dryer and a dosing kit, but this is our standard proposal, fully adaptable to the needs and requests of each of our clients.

  • BlueWash Box


This latest coin-operated laundry proposal is perfect for oil stations, car washes, public parkings lots, mass events, large supermarkets, militarized areas, areas that have suffered natural disasters…

At its core, DANUBE offers multiple transportable modules, fully equipped and with different configurations, sizes and options, ideal for temporary or permanent events abroad, etc.

How do I make my laundry successful: contact our sales department without any obligation

If you want to set up your own laundry business in the most profitable way, we can offer you many possibilities and specialized machinery with which you will recover your investment in a very short time.

To request more information or a detailed budget, you just have to contact our sales department by calling +33 254 880 576, sending an email to the following address info@danube-international.com, or taking a few seconds to complete this form, so that one of our technicians can contact you as soon as possible.