G factor 325

A barrier washer specially designed to handle hospital linen, with a Pullman partition of the drum

Soft mounted barrier washing machine with opposite doors to avoid contaminating clean clothes. Specially designed for washing hospital clothes, this model meets the highest hygiene standards throughout the process. It is a high performance machine, with large doors, designed to facilitate loading and unloading. It has a high G factor for a reduction in drying time, it is easy to maintain and use with easy and quick access to all its components. Newly equipped with a grey skinplate body, this machine is equipped with the new EASY TOUCH 2 microprocessor with a large touch screen located on both sides of the machine. An ergonomic washing machine which will guarantee the safety of all health staff.

News in our barrier washer extractors for 2021 | www.danube.com
News in our barrier washer extractors for 2021 | www.danube.com
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Main features of the barrier washer Pullman AS100

  • Load capacity 100 kg.
  • Horizontally suspended drum by means of 2 axles which increase robustness, Pullman partition.
  • Extraction speed 750 RPM.
  • G force 325.
  • Electric or steam heating.
  • Easy Touch 2 microprocessor with 7″ colored touch screen, double display
  • Drum with electric brake and UPS system (in case of power failure)
  • 2 standard water inlets.
  • Standard double drain.
  • Body in grey skinplate,
  • Drum and vat in stainless steel.
  • 8 signals for dosing pumps + 6 optional ones.
  • Air operated automatic opening doors, compressed air required (50 lt compressor, air working pressure 7 bar).
  • USB connection, ready for remote communication

Additional options for barrier washer Pullman AS100

  • 3rd water inlet for water recovery.
  • Titration valve.
  • Dual heating electric – steam.
  • Stainless steel sanitary frame
  • 4 compartments detergent box kit
  • 6 extra dosing signals
  • AISI-304 stainless steel outer casing

For more information, you can download the catalog here below or contact Danube sales for direct and personalized advice.