20 de July de 2020

Hotel laundry service: a new generation of equipment that greatly facilitates daily tasks

Danube is an authentic specialist in industrial laundries for hotels



There are details that make the difference in a hotel. Guests often appreciate and are grateful for a superlative hygiene and cleanliness, both in bedrooms and in other common areas. Also, one of the factors that usually determine the quality of an institution is its laundry service.

Danube, as an expert in industrial laundries for hotels, would like to present all its new generation equipment, thought and designed to optimize the tasks of any laundry with significant daily volumes of work to be processed.

The truth is that hotels usually have a high quantity of clothes to wash per day, therefore the machinery of their facilities should be able to process it, taking into account parameters such as the highest quality of washing and drying, energy efficiency and ergonomics of each machine.

Based on this fact, we would like to present one of our special washers for hotels, with new ET2 control, high G-factor and very compelling features.

Danube WED high spin washer: the perfect solution for hotels and residences

Servicio para lavandería para hoteles


This is an industrial washer with high performance and offering results more than guaranteed. This new generation of washers combine the latest technology with the highest quality of components and material. They feature the latest developments in WET CLEANING and systems for saving water, energy and chemicals. They stand out for their easy use and intuitive programming which allow to target any type of laundry, from dry cleaners and self-service laundries to commercial laundries, hotels, hospitals or industrial laundries, being a profitable and safe investment for any company that needs to offer or dispose of this type of services.

The new ET2 control is a turning point in the world of industrial laundry

Thanks to this new Danube microprocessor, energy efficiency of our machinery has taken a leap into the future. The management of washers and dryers becomes something extremely simple thanks to this new control. Depending on the model, it has a large 4.3” or 7” touch screen on which illustrative or promotional videos can be displayed, while custom-made washing and drying programs can be easily registered, traceability or real-time data analysis can be monitored.

It should also be pointed out that most of our equipment is easily adaptable to self-service models and is offering ergonomics and low maintenance. On the other hand, thanks to this microprocessor, all models achieved an exceptional level of connectivity, being able to remotely solve technical incidents without complications.


Servicio para lavandería para hoteles

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