10 de February de 2020

Laundry solutions: an industrial tumble dryer for hotels

Industrial dryers with outstanding features and high efficiency, specific for hotel sector with large working volumes

secadora de ropa profesional para hoteles

DD-GOLD tumble dryers equipped with the new ET2 microprocessor represent a turning point compared to previous models. With their outstanding features, they allow to save up to 40 % of energy thanks to reduced drying cycles among others. This makes them efficient, modern and performing dryers, perfect for optimizing drying processes and production times in laundries where daily working volume is important as in hotels.

It is important that the clothes of the staff and the linen in each room are clean and impeccable because it contributes a lot to reinforce the feeling of comfort and satisfaction of the customers. Therefore these industrial dryers are undoubtedly a suitable and profitable investment in hotel sector.

Advantages of this new tumble dryer

secadora de ropa profesional para hoteles

The first point to be highlighted are the functions of the new ET2 microprocessor. It has a 7” touch screen, fully programmable and very easy to use, with a USB connection to install personalized drying programs. It also includes free PC software for traceability and data analysis, as well as the ability to display useful videos as instructions.

In addition, it is equipped as standard with a reversing drum, a frequency inverter, a stainless steel drum, a wide diameter of door to make easier loading and unloading and doesn’t require much maintenance.

It is also important to note that these dryers offer the possibility of being connected thanks to the ET2 and an optional WiFI module allowing remote maintenance and that they can easily be transformed into a self-service model.

In anyway, choosing a dryer whether industrial or professional must be well considered and adapted. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for personalized advice. By checking the specific needs of your laundry, we will offer the best solution