20 de January de 2021

What should you bear in mind when it comes to choosing laundry equipment for a cleanroom?

Essential factors to avoid making mistakes of any type when setting up a cleanroom laundry

To set up a cleanroom laundry correctly, it is important to be clear of its function and features.

Cleanrooms are laundry areas designed to offer the highest level of hygiene and disinfection, fight cross-contamination – this is what occurs when dirty linen is mixed with clean linen-, and guarantee the facilities are completely safe for users at all times.

Cleanrooms are essential and very common in sectors such as agri-food, nuclear, chemical or pharmaceutical.

They are capable of regulating the levels of environmental contamination, thanks to the possibility of carrying out a rigorous control and monitoring of all of the parameters of contamination of their interior.

Moreover, understanding how this space works, as well as your company’s requirements, the level of hygiene and cleaning required, the appropriate linen system…all contributes to choosing a suitable cleanroom laundry for your company.

Affordability, high cleaning standard, technical support or “fast response”… Are some of the factors that users are looking for in a cleanroom laundry system.

The relationship between the user and the linen service is important and includes continuous supervision and the exchange of information.

montar lavandería para salas blancas

Set up a cleanroom laundry with our machinery

The entire range of washing machines and tumble dryers for cleanrooms has been designed with some key concepts in mind: durability, ergonomics, low maintenance, versatility, connectivity…, all without forgetting what is truly important, which is nothing other than being able to offer the maximum level of cleaning and disinfection possible.

They are compact and offer significant energy savings. In this sense, they are manufactured with specific materials for cleanrooms, such as 316L stainless steel, the electropolished drum and tub, HEPA filters, the new ET2…

For example, the tumble dryers use a HEPA filter to ensure that the drying process is carried out with completely clean air – different size HEPA filters are available, depending on the requirements or demands of each installation or environment-.

For example, if we look at our tumble dryers for cleanrooms, we can see that they are characterised for being completely flexible and advanced dryers, thanks to the incorporation of the new ET2 microprocessor.

Setting up a cleanroom laundry: the new ET2 has revolutionised things in terms of energy efficiency

This is one of the most notable innovations of our washing machines and tumble dryers for cleanrooms; we are talking about a latest generation microprocessor, designed under strict energy efficiency criteria and offering a degree of connectivity and versatility in our machines that have never been seen before.

But if we look at the specific features, we will see that they have a large touch screen where you will be able to display instructional videos about the operation of the machine, carry out a strict control of data and the traceability of each washing or drying cycle, possibility of working with Wet Cleaning programmes…

Moreover, it can be configured in 37 different languages, being accessible and understood by users, practically, from all over the world.

The DBW washing machine with sanitary barrier, a washing machine which has been specially designed for hospital and pharmaceutical environments


set up a cleanroom laundry

This is one of our flagship models of hospital washing machines. Available in different load capacities–27, 35, 50 and 70 kg, depending on the model chosen-, it also has advanced features of energy efficiency, connectivity and ergonomics.

It enjoys a high G Factor of 375, an innovative dual door system to prevent the dirty linen from coming into contact with clean linen, a spin speed of 920 mm, 8 signals for dispensing pumps, the ET2 microprocessor installed as standard….

It also offers the option of choosing between an electric or steam heating system.

The truth is that, as manufacturers of machinery for industrial and hospital laundries, we have a wealth of experience in developing and manufacturing cleanrooms and specific machinery for these types of places.

If you would like to receive detailed information about any of our machines, whether you are interested in washing machines, tumble dryers or calenders, you just need to contact us by completing this form. If you prefer, you can also call us by telephone on +33 254 880 576 or send us an email to info@danube-internacional.com. It’s that easy!