11 de July de 2021

How to correctly choose the machinery for a cleanroom?

What is a cleanroom?



Cleanrooms are essential spaces within research and development areas in industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, or nuclear, to name a few of the most common examples. They are all those rooms that have been specially designed to keep pollution levels under control thanks to a very specific configuration of environmental parameters.

These areas emerged during the last years of the 19th century as a response to the need of scientific personnel to carry out their research and procedures in places free of polluting elements. To achieve this, they began to introduce improvements, such as the use of properly disinfected instruments or operating in an environment with adequate ventilation. All of this would result in a significant improvement in working conditions, in the quality standards of the designed products, or in the effectiveness and success rates of the procedures carried out in these rooms.

The importance of cleanrooms for the sanitary and industrial laundry sector is capital today, where the implementation of more modern and cutting-edge machinery has led to a revolution in terms of time reduction, work volume, improved hygiene and energy efficiency. In this sense, the machinery that we design, develop and manufacture at Danube for sanitary and industrial laundries has made the cleanrooms we carried out more effective and sophisticated than ever.

How to choose the best machinery for a cleanroom

When designing a cleanroom, we must take into account a series of determining factors in order to configure the space that best suits the needs. Taking these factors into account, we are going to tell you what guidelines to follow to wisely choose the ideal machinery for your cleanroom..

  • Durability. It may seem obvious, but it is important that you choose those devices whose quality and sophistication result in a long and durable useful life and that require little maintenance. Nobody wants to use defective machinery or that damages the working hours of the professionals who use them.

  • Ergonomics. Betting on equipment that adapts perfectly to your work environment is a smart decision. And it is that knowing how to favor workflows and the adaptability of people to the workplace is essential to obtain optimal results. Furthermore, at Danube we believe that ergonomics are not incompatible with robustness: a great design is and must be compatible with reliable materials that guarantee quality.

  • Hygiene and disinfection. It is important that the machines that have been chosen bet on the most rigorous hygienic controls and that they offer us precise tools to be able to handle absolutely all the parameters that will influence the reliability of the results. At Danube it is clear that, in environments such as sanitary or industrial areas, washers and dryers must rely on the most advanced technologies in cleaning and disinfection. Only in this way is it possible to minimize the risk of contamination in high-risk environments.

  • Air. The machines that will be part of a cleanroom must respect the environment so as not to violate the strict environmental conditions. The point is not to contaminate the air in the room with harmful particles derived from the hygiene and disinfection of the garments, as is the case with washing machines and dryers.

  • Environmental care. We must be clear: betting on machinery that respects the environment is a guarantee for the future. Danube equipment is designed keeping in mind values such as energy efficiency, the reduction of waste derived from hygienic activity, the responsible use of resources or the correct recycling of materials at the end of their useful life.

  • Garment care. If we talk about laundry machinery for hospitality or health, we not only have to talk about hygiene. It is just as important to have equipment that operates by and for the care of the working team’s clothing, which will have a significant impact on its durability.

New Danube machinery : cleanroom washers and dryers

If you are looking for machinery that meets all these essential characteristics to make your cleanroom a safe, state-of-the-art and efficient space, from Danube we present our new washers and dryers that, thanks to their features and technologies, become the indispensable allies for your laundry..

The heart and most relevant innovation of this new range lies in the ET2 microprocessor, a new next-generation intelligent processor that allows the interconnectivity of devices, which translates into a noticeable improvement in the handling and accessibility of the models. Thanks to it, now you can manage your washing machine or dryer from a mobile device with an app, which allows you to manage a whole world of possibilities at fingertips : incidents, washing cycles, maintenance … These are advances like the microprocessor ET2 which places us as a benchmark in the field of hospital laundries..


Our sanitary barrier washers, MED 16-22 and DBW 27-35-50-70, models, are designed to offer total garment disinfection, unmatched wash quality and significantly improved energy efficiency. They have to their credit quality innovations that place them as benchmarks in the industry for their quality and commitment to the most demanding safety and disinfection values


Our DD SILVER ET2 dryer is also the perfect ally to obtain a complete and safe sanitation process, as it is designed to make drying the last stage in which to reinforce the disinfection and care of the garments.

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