20 de February de 2021

Ozone cabinets to disinfect clothes and complete your laundry space

Ozone clothing cabinets that further enhance the hygiene and disinfection standards of your laundry.

The ozone cabinet is designed to deodorise and sanitise all types of clothing, accessories and materials using ozone.

Ozone is a colourless or pale blue gas, a powerful oxidant, with many industrial applications. Its two main functions are microbicidal and deodorising. The garments and accessories are naturally sanitized without the need for any chemicals.

The cabinet eliminates unpleasant odours from: tobacco, fire smoke, sweat, urine, pet odours, cooking odours, mould, paint, etc.

armarios de ozono

It has also been designed to effectively disinfect items such as helmets, overalls, jackets, shoes, boots, hats, caps, bags, stuffed animals, toys, bedspreads, pillows, curtains, bedding and pet clothes.

It is also perfect for suits or delicate items of clothing that cannot be washed in water, dry-cleaned or ironed.

For all these reasons, it is an appliance designed to cater for a long list of applications in all types of business laundries such as hotels, theatres, fire stations, self-service or healthcare laundries, textile shops, gyms, etc.

Models available in our laundry machinery catalogue

In our catalogue you will find three different models of ozone clothing cabinets, ranging in capacity from 313, 626 and 1252 litres – this is a double ozone cabinet – all made of grey or black skinplate, using a sturdy double-panel construction, and guaranteeing complete sealing during the entire disinfection process.

The entire cabinet is controlled by a user-friendly programmer, with LED status indication, and can be easily converted to a self-service version.

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It also has an automatic door locking system with a double electromagnet and safety locking device to prevent possible opening during the cycle, together with two shelves for accessories and a bar for hanging jackets and overalls.

In terms of maintenance, it is important to note that they have active carbon filters to destroy ozone, with a front access point for when they need to be replaced.

Characterised by its outstanding versatility, it features the option to install the typical self-service laundry components, such as a state-of-the-art payment system or a money kit, an extra shelf and wheels so that it can be moved quickly and comfortably.

Operation of our ozone clothing cabinet

The disinfection process consists of three phases: in the first phase the ozone cabinet is filled, in the second phase the ozone is concentrated inside the compartment containing the material and garments to be disinfected, and in the third phase the ozone is destroyed, and the cabinet is then emptied.

Let’s explore in more detail: in the first phase, once the cupboard is filled with the garments and objects that need disinfecting, the door is locked. The processing time is selected, and the cabinet generates ozone through the Corona system with ceramic plates. This system is much more efficient than ozone generated with UV lamps, for example, as it generates ozone with a concentration of up to 7 ppm.

Depending on the time selected, the ozonisation time will increase, and this is controlled by a cycle status indicator light. The programmed ozone concentration of 7 ppm ensures a high, constant and complete disinfection.

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Additionally, the cabinet has an air recirculation system to ensure an even distribution of air throughout the cabinet, ensuring that it can reach all the garments.

When the cycle time has elapsed, the ozone destruction phase begins, to lower the ozone to levels that are not harmful to the user, and finally the door is unlocked.

Destruction occurs using activated carbon filters. These filters are an easily replaceable consumable part. This system destroys ozone without the need for external ventilation.

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This is a new disinfection system that often raises customer questions or doubts. We have always offered personalised advice and have been involved from start to finish in every project in which we have had the pleasure to participate.

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