20 de January de 2020

How does an industrial washing machine designed by Danube operate?

Operating features of our industrial washers

Danube is specialized in the production and marketing of industrial laundry equipment. We offer complete and global solutions for all type of facilities in Healthcare, pharmaceutical or chemical industry as well as all types of specific machines for hotels. There are our two main businesses.

But how does an industrial washer extractor operate and what advantages does it bring?

Our range of high spin washer extractors offers a long list of advantages thanks to the new ET2 control, designed to meet the washing needs of a wide variety of sectors: commercial, industrial, self-service, hotels…

One of the main differences between industrial washers and household appliances is that the components of the industrial washers are much more robust and durable as they as usually made of stainless steel or aluminum.

Operation of an industrial washing machine.: characteristics and innovation of this range

Industrial washers are efficient machines, with hygienic standards, offering 8 standard signals for dosing pumps, 3 water inlets, the possibility to be connected to water recovery tanks or to work with wet cleaning programs by adjusting the washing speed and water levels accordingly. The Optimal Loading system also allows you to adjust the consumption of water and detergents according to the load.

The new ET2 microprocessor is also one of the outstanding features of these machines, with its 7” touch screen, easy to use, intuitive and configurable in 38 different languages, allowing data analysis and traceability.

In addition, there are machines that can be personalized and customized for each client thanks to a series of options and complementary features that make them more modern, more efficient and technologically more sophisticated washing machines.

Contact Danube to receive personalized advice

In case of doubt or if you need help choosing your equipment, simply contact our sales team so that we can offer you direct and personalized service. We have a long experience in the industrial laundry sector and are known to be attentive to your needs.