10 de September de 2020

A high energy efficient tumble dryer with the best performance

Specially designed to meet the drying needs of a wide range of businesses and sectors


We would like to present a new concept of professional dryer, designed on the basis of 4 essential points: high performance, robustness, versatility and efficiency.

secadora eficiencia energética


We are facing a high energy efficient dryer for several reasons. We’ll start by mentioning an improved airflow system compared to previous models, a large fluff filter as a drawer or the possibility of being stacked on top each other, allowing the control panel of the top dryer to be reversed at the bottom, for better ergonomics.

But what makes it an efficient machine is the possibility, as standard, of being controlled by the new ET2 microprocessor, easy to use and fully programmable, with a large touch screen, allowing to work with Wet Cleaning programs as well as ecological programs with low consumption.

In addition, thanks to the USB connection, personalized programs can be loaded according to the needs of each laundry.

It is also impossible to forget to mention the exhaustive traceability control or the real-time data analysis.

Other interesting features of this advanced efficient dryer

secadora eficiencia energética


This range of dryer offers a long list of advantages explaining why they have marked a turning point since they have been launched on the market.
They are also equipped with a COOL DOWN system at the end of each cycle to avoid wrinkles allowing the best results.
These are machines with a skinplate body, stainless steel panels possible as option, ergonomic, with easy access to all components and a galvanized drum, also available in stainless steel as option. They don’t require significant maintenance and offer a remote connection kit.

Moreover, they are versatile models that can easily be adapted to self-service with all advantages included with.

Do you wish to receive detailed information about our professional dryers?


secadora eficiencia energética


Buying an efficient professional dryer is not so easy. Our dryers have been designed to meet the needs of a long list of businesses and applications: laundromats, schools, residences, universities, mobile containers, apartments, campsites, hostels, communities…

If you have any questions or would like to receive personalized advice, simply call +33 (0)2 54 88 05 76, send an email to info@danube-international.com or complete the contact form which is on this web page.

Danube is committed for many years in the research and development of newtechnologies, more efficient, safer and eco-friendly. Betting on our dryers means guaranteeing a cost-effective investment for any laundry business, for sure!