20 de April de 2020

Equipment designed for hospital laundries to take a step into the future

Hygiene, safety and efficiency: three concepts to define our MEDICAL sanitary barrier washers

lavanderías en hospitales

For all those small hospitals, nursing homes and medical centers that do not have a high volume of patients, we developed some time ago our line of MEDICAL sanitary barrier washers, available with a load capacity of 16 and 22 kg, depending on the model, and with advanced features in terms of efficiency, hygiene and safety. thus it has been designed to avoid cross contamination, since it is equipped with double opposed doors, one for loading dirty linen and the other to receive clean one, without both coming into contact at any time. We know that in these types of site the highest level of hygiene is required, as well as the highest security measures, since the aim of these models is to prevent nosocomial infections, due, for example, to the contact of patients or operators with an infected linen. With this equipment in hospital laundries, the risk is drastically reduced.

On the other hand we would like to highlight that all models are equipped with the new ET2 microprocessor with a 4,3” touch screen, allowing displaying of security videos or tutorials, configurable in 37 different languages and provided with a software for customized programming, as well as controlling traceability and data analysis in real time.

In addition, this aseptic washer with sanitary barrier offers a high G-factor of 350, a dual heating system (electric and steam), 2 water inlets, 8 dosing signals, and is prepared to work with Wet Cleaning programs.

It does not require major maintenance tasks and is designed to be ergonomic and easy to use. Its loading height is 670 mm from the door base, vat and drum are made of AISI 304 stainless steel . If you want to check the complete datasheet with all features, please click on this link to download it.

Do you have any questions about hospital laundries?

lavanderías en hospitales

Danube has been developing equipment for hospital laundry for more than thirty years, with a strong commitment of the R&D for new and higher technologies which has allowed the company to be at the position we have today, one of the leaders on national and international markets with equipment and solutions for hospital laundry and cleanrooms. This is the best guarantee for each of our clients. For any doubts or questions about hospital laundries or any of our models of barrier washers, do not hesitate to contact us by calling +33 254 880 576, sending an email to info@danube-internacional.com or filling out the form you will find on this website.