20 de December de 2019

Are you thinking of buying an industrial ironing and folding machine?

Danube designed an efficient and ergonomic flatwork ironer

maquina de planchado y plegado

We are pleased to present our range of industrial flatwork ironers specially designed to optimize the ironing and folding process in laundries which have to deal with large quantities of flat linen, such as sheets or table cloths.

For instance, if you look at the M-ET2 model, you will see that it is an industrial dryer ironer offering high productivity and capable of handling a quantity of laundry between 50 and 120 kg / h. We are in front of a compact machine, which only needs a minimum of space and greatly facilitates the daily tasks of your professional laundry.

It is also important to mention that all models are equipped with the new ET2 microprocessor, which comes with an intuitive and user-friendly touch screen, which makes it very easy to use and which turns this flatwork ironer machine into real 21st century.

What are the technical characteristics of the Danube M-ET2 flatwork ironer?

maquina de planchado industrial

This machine has a polished steel cylinder allowing it to work in three different lengths: 2000, 2600 and 3300 mm. It has a frequency converter and an automatic cooling system up to 80 ° C, in addition to a double emergency stop consisting of a finger protection bar and a emergency push button. The linen is engaged and ironed using Nomex-polyester bands.

Heating can be chosen from three different systems: electric, steam or gas. It should be noted that the radiant gas model has been designed to achieve a reduction in gas consumption of 25% while achieving 25% more production.

Finally, note that it can be completed or optionally equipped with a chrome cylinder of greater durability, special voltages or with Danube “CARE IRON” system for humidity control allowing automatic ironing speed regulation according to the level of residual moisture detected in the laundry.

For more information, simply contact Danube by filling out the contact form that you will find on this site, by phone on +33 2 54 88 05 76 or by sending an email to info@danube-international.com.