M-ET2 Flatwork ironers

The range of efficient and durable flatwork ironers

This range of flatwork ironers is ideal for hotels and healthcare facilities that have large quantities of flat linen to process and that need to optimize their resources in the process of washing, drying and ironing bedsheets and tablecloth. They offer high productivity (between 50 and 120 kg/h) in a minimum space thanks to their compact dimensions. Technically revised to optimize performance, this range is adapted to the digital era thanks to the new ET2 microprocessor.

What's new in our wall flatwork ironers for 2021? | www.danubeinternational.com
What's new in our wall flatwork ironers for 2021? | www.danubeinternational.com
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Main features of the Ø 500 MM flatwork ironers

  • Production between 50 and 120 kg/h
  • Dries et irons flat linen directly from a high speed spin washer extractor in a single operation.
  • Front feeding and return.
  • Electric, steam or gas heating.
  • ET2 control: new microprocessor with 7″ touch screen, 5 preset programs
  • Reversing roll as standard
  • Roll Ø 500 mm in polished steel.
  • Working width 2 m, 2m60 and 3m30.
  • Motor with speed inverter.
  • Built-in cool down system.
  • Ironing by Nomex belts for a better quality of ironing and durability.
  • Gas heated model with Radiant burners

Available option for Ø 500 mm flatwork ironers

  • Chrome plate cylinder.
  • CARE IRON: automatic regulation of the ironing speed according to the residual moisture of the linen; energy economizer.
  • HPS: high production system, ironing speed until 15 m/mn
  • Built-in lengthwise folder
  • Rear exit (only with folding system)
  • Special voltages