10 de December de 2020

Industrial washers and dryers ready for Wet Cleaning

Specialists in Wet Cleaning machines: very competitive prices, process quality and maximum energy efficiency

As a manufacturer of industrial laundry equipment, all our professional and industrial ranges of washers and dryers are ready to operate with Wet Cleaning programs.

What are we referring to when talking about Wet Cleaning?

In the current context, the need to wash clothes with the highest possible level of hygiene has become absolutely essential. This new situation presents a real challenge for dry cleaners and laundries, as the most common method of washing delicate clothes and textiles, that is to say dry cleaning, does not guarantee more efficient stain removal.

maquinaria wet cleaning precios

Conventional washing with water is also not a valid option, as the high water temperature that must be used in this case could damage clothes.

Thus, the new ranges of machines developed by our technicians and engineers play a fundamental role, because they are ready to operate with Wet Cleaning programs.

Characteristics and advantages of Wet Cleaning

Wet Cleaning is part of an innovative process specially designed to protect, maintain and improve the final quality of washing, while ensuring the stain removal and complete hygiene of all clothes.

It is the only system available on the current market, capable of disinfecting the most delicate clothes without damaging them.

No chemical solvent is used with this method; our washing machines use biodegradable soaps and cleaning products, without components harmful to the environment.

As a result, Wet Cleaning programs are compatible and can be used on more than 90% of fabrics, while being able to remove 80% of existing stains and, with the use of the new ET2 microprocessor, our washing machines are particularly efficient in terms of energy efficiency and quality for washing the most delicate clothes.

In addition, the iconography which tells us which clothes are delicate and therefore suitable for this type of program is always indicated on the labels, both for washing and for drying.

In fact, three different pieces of information can be found about any garment: the composition, which is the most important one and where the mandatory information that indicates whether the piece is delicate or not, the brand and the size.

Danube equipment with technology to use WET CLEANING

maquinaria wet cleaning precios

All front or barrier washing machines are equipped with the new ET2 microprocessor which is programmed to operate in Wet Cleaning and currently offers the highest possible degree of energy efficiency.

From the professional 8 and 10 kg range to larger capacity washers – our industrial models with a load of up to 120 kg, depending on the model chosen – all machines are equipped with the necessary functions to operate with Wet Cleaning programs: fully programmable microprocessor, precise control of temperature and water levels, very low washing speed, full control of each dosing signal…

Regarding our dryers, if we take, for example, the GOLD model, it has advantages specifically designed for Wet Cleaning: air recovery system, residual humidity control, new stamped perforations drum for maximum laundry care during the cycle…

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