MICRA-BM flatwork ironers

Three models of an economical flatwork ironer with industrial ironing quality

These new models with working width of 1m40, 1m60 and 2 m are economical and offers an excellent quality finish thanks to the Nomex ironing belts and better performance than a simple ironer: it dries and irons right out of a high spin speed washer extractor saving time and energy.

Catalogues and datasheets
What's new in our wall flatwork ironers for 2021? | www.danubeinternational.com
What's new in our wall flatwork ironers for 2021? | www.danubeinternational.com
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Where to install the MICRA-BM flatwork ironers ?

The MICRA-BM flatwork ironers have been designed for businesses with only small pieces of flat linen to be processed (tablecloth) and / or few bedsheets such as in restaurants, guest rooms, hostels… where this model better performs than simple ironers.

With three possible useful lengths, they allow greater flexibility to meet many needs.

MICRA-14-16-20 BM features

  • Dries and irons flat linen directly from a high spin washer extractor in a single operation.
  • Skinplate and stainless steel panels
  • Front feeding and return.
  • Electric heating.
  • BM electronic control: simple and user-friendly with an AUTO mode that automatically manages the ironing speed according to the chosen temperature.
  • Roll Ø 200 mm in polished steel.
  • Working width 1m 40, 1m60 and 2 m.
  • Motor with speed inverter.
  • Built-in cool down system.
  • Feeding and ironing by Nomex belts for a better quality of ironing and durability.

Available options

  • special voltages.