For ironing small flat laundry

In the catering sector, the finishing of table cloth is an important need that does not necessarily require the use of a dryer ironer, which is more specific to the hotel industry.

The optimization of space in restaurants, hostels and small structures is also an important factor. For this reason, DANUBE has developed a range of ironers that can be installed in very small spaces and that require practically no specific installation or maintenance.

Advantages of ironers for restaurants and similar

  • No need of extraction
  • No specific connection except electric supply
  • Mural and small

Main features of DANUBE R2D18-R2D25 wall ironers

  • Front feed and return.
  • Panels in skinplate. Top panel in stainless steel.
  • Roll dimensions: from 1.000 and 1.200 mm wide and 180 mm diameter (R2D18 model)
  • Roll dimensions: 1.000, 1.200, 1.400 and new 2.000 mm wide and 250 mm diameter (R2D25 model)
  • Electronic microprocessor: start/stop, selection 4 temperatures (R2D18 model)
  • Microprocessor with touch screen (R2D25 model)
  • Electric heating.
  • Standard model: Roll covered in polyester and cotton felt.
  • Nomex model: padded and covered in Nomex, to work at higher temperatures, up to 190ºC.
  • Chest in anodized aluminium.
  • Manual lifting of the chest by new pedal (R2D18 model), automatic by detection cell (R2D25 model)
  • Wooden feeding table

Options for ironers

  • Special voltages
  • Pedal control kit for R2D25 (instead of photocell)

If you own a company in catering sector that seeks to integrate quality, functional and easy to use ironers, we recommend to consult the technical sheet or contact Danube sales team to advise you in a personalized way.