20 de October de 2020

How to get a hygienically healthy laundry, efficiently and safely

Washing machines designed to process hospital clothing and linen for a total hygiene and in complete safety

In this post, we will answer the following question, how to handle laundry in a sanitary environment, avoiding cross contamination and in a safe way for laundry operators.

Hospital environment requires a high level of hygiene and disinfection, particularly in spaces such as the laundry, since it is one of the critical and high risk points. The dirty and contaminated clothes must not cross the clean and disinfected linen, which is of vital importance for modern hospitals and using a barrier washer, such as the PULLMAN AS-100 model equipped with the new ET2 microprocessor, is also part of it.

Cómo lavar los uniformes sanitarios

This is the model with the highest load capacity of our catalogue and also the only one with a drum with a Pullman partition. Like the new range of our barrier washers, this model fully complies with RABC standards and has been designed to respect the following four basic concepts: performance, safety, ergonomics and efficiency, all of which guarantee the best possible working conditions.

Like the other models, this machine is equipped with two opposed doors, allowing it to be installed on either side of a partition wall to avoid any contact between dirty and clean clothes, at any time of the washing process. One constraint compared to other models: compressed air is needed to open the doors and help operators during loading and unloading operations (pressure 4-7 bar, ø 8 mm, consumption 10 Nl/min).

Cómo lavar los uniformes sanitarios

The PULLMAN model is the largest one with a capacity of 90 kg and gray skinplate panels ; One of the most important novelties is the incorporation of the new ET2 control ; it has a large 7” touchscreen, can be configured in 37 different languages and has been designed to meet strict energy efficiency criteria. It allows to control traceability in a simple and comfortable way, it has pre-registered ecological programs in addition to being able to load as many customized programs as necessary thanks to the USB connection and the custom-made software.

We will also point out that this latest generation barrier machine has, as standard, 8 signals for dosing pumps, 3 water inlets, a double drain, a drum with automatic positioning and electric brake, as well as the possibility of being equipped with an electric-steam dual heating system, among other features.

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One of the answers to the question, how to handle clothes in a sanitary environment, is undoubtedly, betting on one of our barrier washers.

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