29 de April de 2022

Advantages of our solutions and modules for laundromats

Danube offers tailor-made self-service laundry solutions

Danube offers a large selection of self-service laundry solutions and modules; this allows us to adapt to the needs, demands and budgets of our customers, without any problem. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know to choose the ideal solution for your business. 

Our line dedicated to the coin-operated laundry sector is designed with specific machines, which include all the elements needed to supply such a space. 

Danube washing machines and dryers have the most advanced technology and are made of very robust materials, a factor that allows them to withstand intense and constant work rhythms. We offer different sizes and capacities for both washers and dryers so you can build your ideal space. But if you are looking for a complete set, we can propose different module concepts, ranging from the most complete to the most compact. 

With our self-service modules, you will not only be able to set up your laundry business in the fastest and easiest way, but you will also be able to do it by adapting it as much as possible to your budget.

We present all our solutions and modules for self-service laundry


With Danube BlueWash self-service laundries, we offer our customers the opportunity to open their own laundromat, designed and prepared to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

These are fully autonomous, unmanned, fully IoT-controlled laundries. 

We basically give you all the benefits of a franchise without being one. We give you the right to use the brand, training and support, without charging an entry fee, publicity fee or sales royalty. The laundry is yours as well as the gains. 

On the other hand, we will help you throughout the opening process and guide you in all that is necessary: material, design, legislation, training…

As for customers and users of the laundry, for less than €10, they can wash and dry 18 kg of laundry. In other words, we offer a business model with advantages for the owner or manager of the laundry, advantages for the users and advantages for us, as a technical service. 

If you need more information, click on this link or contact one of our sales representatives.

BlueWash Box

With BlueWash Box, we welcome you to the mobile laundry of the future. You plan to set up a small laundry area for your customers and you do not have a room, we offer you with these modules a transportable laundry solution, equipped with our best washing machines and dryers.

how does self service laundry work

The different possibilities of this module allow us to adapt to the needs of each client, being able to choose between different configurations, with state-of-the-art machinery. 

Access all the information by clicking on this link. Ask for detailed information, a budget and get all the advice you need to build your project.

Blue Corner

how does self service laundry work

With this solution, we offer perfect modules for all companies and businesses that want to have a small washing area and do not have a lot of space: gyms, hostels, hairdressers, spas, small hotels…

We offer three different proposals and configurations to choose from, depending on the volume of work and the physical characteristics of the space where the module is to be installed.

  • 1+1 PRO PACK: horizontal line with a washing machine and a dryer, side by side.

  • PRO STACK PACK: vertical line with a washing machine and a dryer, stacked.

  • DOUBLE PACK: Double vertical line with, each, a stacked washer and dryer.

In summary, if you have a small business that requires laundry services, but you do not have enough space or do not want to invest as much as other possibilities would require, with BLUE CORNER we offer the optimal solution. Have no doubts!