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Blue Corner by Danube: the laundry solution for small spaces

The Danube WPR and DPR 8 & 10 kg professional washers and dryers are perfect to meet the requirements of small facilities that need washing space such as hair dressers, gyms, schools, campsites, kindergarten…

The Blue Corner solution offers three ready-to-use packs in the professional range, in the OPL or in self-service version, depending on your needs.

Professional packs

Suitable design

Easy installation

Here are the three packs available according to your needs

1 + 1 PRO PACK



Our small Blue Corner modules are the ideal solution!

If you have a small business that needs laundry services, but you don’t have enough space or can’t make such a big investment, Danube presents its Blue Corner modules, specially designed to be installed with the professional range of 8 & 10 kg WPR washers and DPR dryers.

It is the optimum solution to the needs of customers who require machines that are as robust, programmable, efficient and eco friendly as the industrial versions and which have identical characteristics, but with a more manageable size and a more affordable price. All the machines in this range are perfectly equipped to offer a quality, fast, flexible and economical service.

An ideal solution for a long list of businesses and applications







The Blue Corner modules are suitable for all types of businesses: small hotels, campsites, apartment buildings, gyms, hairdressers, beauty salons, veterinary clinics… for any place that plans to install a small laundry without having to do construction work.

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