10 de November de 2020

Technologically advanced, high productive and maxi efficient flatwork ironers

An industrial flatwork ironer for hotel industry with a profitability more than guaranteed thanks to its performance and characteristics


plancha industrial para hoteles


We would like to present our new ø 650 mm flatwork ironer with ET2, specially designed to offer more productivity and a higher ironing quality, while maintaining strict energy efficiency criteria and a great connectivity, making them machines ahead of their time.

This machine is able to dry and iron flat linen in a single operation, right out of a high spin washer, saving time, resources and energy in the laundry.

They are available in three working widths: 2, 2.6, 3.3 meters ; with front feeding and exit of linen and electric, gas or steam heating ; they also have, as standard, the reversing roll, a motor with frequency inverter and Nomex quality ironing belts.

We also wish to highlight the CARE IRON system allowing to regulate the ironing speed according to the detected level of residual humidity as well as the HPS high production system, capable to offer an ironing speed up to 15 meters per minute, in addition to being able to install an built-in lengthwise folder, with or without rear exit.

New ET2: a before and after for industrial laundries with the arrival of this state-in-the-art microprocessor

Our 500 mm and 650 mm models are equipped, as standard, with this new microprocessor with a 7” touch screen, which offers the possibility of displaying illustrative videos, it can be configured in 38 languages and includes a free PC software with which it is possible to download customized programs -apart from the preset, economical and efficient ones already installed- to control remotely the traceability and to analyse daily data in a comfortable and very functional way.


plancha industrial para hoteles

All these points make this equipment an ideal and essential machine for any hotel that has to daily process large quantities of flat linen: tablecloth, bedsheets, pillows…

With our equipment, optimizing hotel laundry is simple and profitable


plancha industrial para hoteles


Our industrial flatwork ironers for the hotel industry can greatly optimize the daily tasks of your laundry which, in addition to our wide catalogue of washers and dryers, will allow you to achieve excellent levels of productivity, with efficient, hygienic and qualitative working processes.

If you have any questions about our industrial ironers or any other laundry equipment, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

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We will study your laundry needs and the type of your business by meeting with you and suggesting the equipment that best suits your needs.