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Your self-service laundry business with BLUEWASH by Danube

BLUEWASH by Danube is a laundromat concept with a modern and functional design to create and decorate your own self-service business. Danube advises you on the equipment and accessories corresponding to the size and services of your business and offers you all the signage adapted to your facility and your taste: opening hours, instructions, prices, WiFi corner, etc. You are free to print the one that suits you!

A turnkey concept

A personalized support

Efficient and ecological machines

How to start a laundromat?

Creating you own laundromat with Danube will be easy, affordable and safe.

As a manufacturer of laundry equipment, our business heart, and as a solution provider, we will give you valuable information to ensure the success of your investment. This is a big decision for you and you need the best support to start this experience.

We are committed to supporting you throughout the process and advising you on everything that is necessary: material, design, training…

Project, estimate, validation, follow-up… all the steps of your customizable and adjustable turnkey project, at your service!

BLUEWASH by Danube, your project, our know-how!

How do BLUEWASH by Danube laundries work?

BLUEWASH laundries are completely autonomous, without staff, equipped with state-of-the-art machines, automatically dispensing the detergent, which always guarantees an optimal and ecological washing quality.

You can also benefit from the Danube Online service on machines equipped with ET2 control, allowing you to manage your business remotely, for more flexibility and reactivity:

  • Remote desktop: monitors, stops and operates machines in real time
  • Statistics: traceability, programs, technical and financial stats
  • Remote maintenance: data for after-sales service, software updates
  • Laundry management: creation of programs, discounts, schedule control, etc.

Advantages for the owner

  • Full advice free of charge
  • An approach like a franchise without being one
  • A business without the need for staff
  • Easy installation
  • A broad target audience
  • Efficient and eco-friendly machines that optimize water, energy and detergent consumption
  • Connected machines: convenient daily remote management (automated system)

Advantages for the customer

  • A wide time slot (open 365 days a year with extended hours)
  • Simple operation and easy material handling
  • Affordable prices (up to 18 Kg of laundry can be washed and dried for less than 10 €)
  • Time saving (you can wash and dry in less than an hour and have a coffee while enjoying the Wi-Fi zone)
  • Washing quality and guaranteed hygiene (the clothes are processed with professional products and are not mixed with those of other customers)


Why a BlueWash laudromat?
Because it’s profitable, it’s open 7/7, no need for staff, operating costs are very low, and the laundry can be managed remotely thanks to our application. In addition, as a manufacturer of laundry equipment, we put our experience and skills at your disposal to advise you.

How easy is it to run a BlueWash laundromat?
Yes , It is easy as it requires very little skill. However, you must ensure that the laundromat remains clean for your customers.

What equipment is used in a BlueWash laundromat?
We mainly recommend “free standing” machines, which have a high extraction speed, thus offering a reduced residual humidity rate at the end of the washing cycle, so that the customer spends less time drying. However, the medium or normal spin machines in our catalogue offer the advantage of being more economically attractive and are well suited to treating bulky laundry (e.g. duvets).

Does my BlueWash laundromat receive support for marketing and advertising?
We provide you with a graphic charter, in the form of various PDF files, including logos, posters, signage and other practical media to allow you to create your own turnkey laundrette.
Do I have to pay entrance fees and royalties?
No. BlueWash laundries offer the advantage of a franchise (brand, know-how, support) without the inconvenience of entry fees or additional costs. The invoicing of your services is entirely up to you.

How much capital do I need to open a BlueWash laundromat?
We have designed different models, allowing us to meet several budgets, in order to best approach the capital, you wish to invest. To give an idea, you need a contribution of 20 k€ for a standard laundrette.

Who chooses the place where my BlueWash laundry will be located?
If you don’t have a place yet, you can do your own research. When you have found it, we can advise you on the different opportunities available to you as well as on the suitability of the location. However, we advise you to choose a place not too far from your home to make it easier for you in the event of an intervention.