20 de August de 2021

How to proceed with bedding in hospitals?

The answer lies in our sanitary barrier washers

At Danube, we have been designing and manufacturing hospital laundry machines for many years. We are well aware of the importance of selecting and processing laundry in a hospital today. It is essential to do it correctly, not only for the patients, but also for the medical staff who work in hospitals and who are in charge of handling all the laundry, thus preventing patients from contracting any type of nosocomial infection -these are infections acquired during a patient’s stay in hospital-.

The main objective of processing laundry in hospitals is to clean, disinfect and sterilize. Hospital linen is used for medical care and must under no circumstances become a vector for the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms.

How to proceed with bedding in hospitals: general and current procedures

To eliminate the risk of infection, a series of procedures must be followed, from collecting, sorting and washing laundry to storage. Everything needs to be checked carefully and identifying critical points is essential, as there are places where laundry presents a greater risk of contamination.

Likewise, laundry contaminated with bodily fluids or blood should be handled very carefully and effectively. In our catalogue, a specific section for sanitary barrier washers is dedicated. This is equipment specially designed to avoid cross-contamination between dirty linen and clean linen in a hospital, thanks to the double door system of our machines, among others.

New barrier washer extractors

We present our hospital laundry solutions and the equipment we have designed. We currently have 4 models of barrier washing machines ; All these models have specific technology to prevent cross-contamination in hospitals, health centers, nursing homes or clean rooms. They strictly comply with the RABC standard, equally offering safety, ergonomics and efficiency, ensuring the best working conditions for users as well as the highest level of cleaning and disinfection possible.

They are designed to be installed on either side of a dividing wall, thanks to their 180° opposite doors, thus avoiding the crossing of dirty linen with clean linen.

They also incorporate the new ET2 microprocessor with a 7” touch screen, pre-established ecological programs, and traceability software, the possibility of working with Wet Cleaning programs as well as advanced connectivity and energy efficiency features.

They have three different configurations of water and detergent saving levels, an intelligent consumption system, the possibility of installing a water recovery tank and a high G-factor, among other outstanding features.

On the other hand, these are ergonomic machines that do not require major maintenance. They have a large door opening which greatly facilitates the loading and unloading operations.

At Danube, we know that investing in this type of equipment is not always easy and we are committed to supporting our customers throughout the purchasing process, by analyzing in detail their facilities and the processes of their hospital laundry to make the right decisions. Our sales and technical team carry out a preliminary study to define the most appropriate model and advise you on everything that is necessary.

To request information or a detailed budget, simply send an email to export@danube-international.com or take a few seconds to complete the contact form you will find on this site. If you can’t wait, call us on +33 (0)2 54 88 05 76 to receive information from one of our sales representatives.

We have been studying and developing technologies and machines for hospital laundries since 1947 and this is undoubtedly the best guarantee for each of our customers.