11 de November de 2019

Sales of barrier washers: let professional people advise you

What are the advantages of industrial or professional laundry equipment designed for hospitals?

Professional or industrial laundry equipment is the best option for many companies where hygiene is a top priority, such as hospitals, chemical or pharmaceutical industries …

It is well known that a large part of nosocomial infections is due to inadequate hygiene of the linen in public places such as hospitals, medical centers, etc. These infections have caused the death and hospitalization of many people. This has contributed to companies like Danube launching specially designed barrier washing machines to avoid cross-contamination.

Sale of washing machines: know all the advantages of barrier washers

Barrier washer-extractors are driving the trend in the hospital laundry industry. They offer maximum washing and disinfection quality, while guaranteeing both patient and operator safety.

The strength of these barrier machines is that they prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi and viruses. For example, hospitals use it to protect their patients; in the same way that retirement homes use it to protect their residents from nosocomial contamination.

Barrier washer-extractors: a safe and necessary investment

Barrier washer-extractors are made of high quality materials, they are easy to use and do not require many maintenance tasks. Having them is not only a safe investment, but also a sustainable one.

An efficient and simple washing machine

The barrier washer-extractors are innovative and easy to use. They benefit from high and impressive characteristics which make them remarkable. For example, many features have been developed to control, monitor and analyze each wash cycle. No special technical knowledge is required to operate them, so they are remarkable.

They consume little water and are designed to save money

Having a barrier washing machine that uses little water has become a reality. Not only does it consume little water, but the quality of washing is perfectly suited to the type of clothing to be handle: textile, level of dirt … The durability of the laundry is worth it….

“Easy soap” system

A barrier washer-extractor is equipped with a product dosing system that is very easy to use. This makes washing easier and less expensive because the dose of detergents is precisely adapted to the load of the machine.

Innovative heating

The type of heating of barrier washers is remarkable. In fact, the heating temperature can be precisely adjusted by specific programs, defined in the machine’s microprocessor. Each program can be modified or created to match the loaded linen.

Kills germs and bacteria from laundry

This is another big advantage of hospital laundry equipment. A temperature of 60°C can effectively remove all germs, harmful allergens and bacteria from the laundry, leaving it hygienically fresh.

Designed to be placed through a partition wall with one side for loading and another for unloading, this separation acts as a sanitary protection which prevents dirt from crossing clean linen.

Hygienic laundry equipment is made from bacteria resistant materials

Stainless steel is used mostly in the design of barrier washers because it is less likely to retain bacteria than galvanized paint. This is one of the reasons why it has become one of the best options to avoid cross contamination.

Hygienic laundry equipment is durable

Whatever the characteristics of the laundry equipment, durability is very important. If you read the opinions and testimonials of people using this equipment, you will see that it is a safe and sustainable investment. We are talking about washing machines with great ergonomics, easy handling and low maintenance.