11 de December de 2019

A mid-range sanitary washer with the best possible performance

Forget about cross-contamination with Danube’s new line of washers with sanitary barrier

Hospitals and medical centers are places prone to germs and bacteria. There are many possibilities to get infections as a result of the large number of patients with nosocomial diseases. These types of infections are those that are spread during the period of hospitalization and that were not present at the time the patient was admitted to the hospital.

One of the most effective methods to combat them is to maintain a high level of hygiene on everything that comes into contact with patients: sheets, cushions, curtains, gowns…

To do this, Danube presents its new mid-range sanitary washer, offering very high performance and designed to eliminate cross-contamination during all stages of washing. These machines are designed to be placed under a wall thanks to the system of opposite doors. They have a door to load dirty clothes and another to pick up clean clothes.

Characteristics and performance of this new range of sanitary washing machines



Hospital laundry is very serious and should be done as rigorously as possible. In this sense, Danube’s new line of mid-range sanitary washing machines has evolved a lot compared to the models that precede them. They are perfectly adapted to the strictest hygiene standards in order to guarantee the safety, comfort and ergonomics of the people at all times. All this without ever giving up on the efficiency that a laundry with a high amount of work must have:

  • G factor of 375 to reduce drying time.
  • Load capacities: 27, 35, 50 and 70 Kg.
  • They have a centrifugation speed of 920 rpm.
  • ET2 processor with an intuitive and flexible 7″ touch screen.
  • Double screen: one for the dirty side and one for the clean side.
  • Large and ergonomic doors for both the drum and the bath.
  • It has eight different signals for dosing pumps.
  • The base is galvanized for greater robustness.

The installation and maintenance are specially designed to be simple and ergonomic in equal parts. With these hospital washing machines, Danube puts technology at the service of people in hospitals and medical centers, ensuring that both workers and patients run the minimum risks, while offering maximum washing efficiency.