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DANUBE has been manufacturing industrial laundry equipment since 1947. DANUBE, part of ONNERA GROUP, international business group which markets its products all over the world, designs and creates solutions to optimize all laundry operations. Innovation, design and efficiency are the keys to the group's success.

We offer the best laundry solution adapted to the needs of our clients. Enriched by our long experience, we know that each installation is specific, that's why we wish to share our know-how in the choice of concept, definition of machines, optimization of installations.
DANUBE was an established leader in France to produce professional equipment.
The company initially started producing household equipment, however evolving market requirements resulted in an adaptation of technics to respond to specific customers' demand.
With more than seventy years of history and experience? Danube is still maintaining a spirit of dynamism and innovation which allows us to always go forward.
Customer feedback, reactivity, high performance levels and peace of mind
DANUBE actions are led by the careful attention that we pay to our customers' specific needs. We are more than a simple supplier. We are your available, attentive, committed and proactive partner.
Hotels and hospitality laundry projects
Danube achieved considerable success in the hospitality sector around the world, it is why DANUBE laundry machines are used by most of the hotels networks. Of course, DANUBE is always ready to offer the best laundry solution adapted to customers' needs. DANUBE will be pleased to help in design and sizing of the OPL.
Healthcare, Clean Room Laundry operations
We define as healthcare facilities: nursing homes, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, clinics and hospitals... DANUBE has a long and great experience in pharmaceutical industry and clean rooms where uniforms must be processed in situ. We know that there are many potential sources of microbiological contaminations like bacteria easily spread unless very strict controls are in place.

A key concern with healthcare linen is the soiling with blood and potentially infectious material. It is through this concern that the design of healthcare laundry facility is differing from a commercial laundry.

DANUBE was the first manufacturer to introduce barrier washers in the market, and the present range is the result of this evolution towards a robust, ergonomic, highly efficient and technologically advanced machine. From 16 to 100 kg, it meets the requirement of a lot of facilities.

In addition, our new professional range of washers and dryers are ideal for the process of washing mops and can particularly be adapted thanks to various optional features to all structures which require a specific level of hygiene.

All our washers are designed with a durability factor in mind so that you will get an ergonomic machine requiring few maintenance.
Hotels and hospitality laundry projects
Danube achieved considerable success in the hospitality sector around the world, thanks to which our laundry machines are used by most of the hotels chains. DANUBE is ready to offer the best laundry solution adapted to customers' needs, with a wide range of washer extractors (high, fast and normal spin), tumble dryers, flatwork ironers, finishing equipment and accessories.

All our washers have all the features to use the WET CLEANING system as standard: fully programmable control, accurate temperatures and levels of water, adjustable washing speeds, manual control of each dosing pumps. It makes them well adapted to meet the needs of hotels taking care of their customers garments.
Coin operated laundries
Front washers and dryers are specially designed to be easily converted for SELF-SERVICE businesses. The same model can be adapted to work with a central pay, coin or token meter or remote payment depending on the customer needs.

All the models equipped with new ET2 control can be customized and standard models can be easily transformable.

Mission and Vision

We are an international company whose mission is to provide adapted solutions to industrial laundry applications. We are part of the Onnera International business group and we strive to be recognized as a company in which:
We GROW up with our clients with whom we work together to find the most efficient solutions wherever they may be needed.

We ACT as a team of responsible people committed to a common project.

We COMMIT ourselves in the company and its future and in the sustainable development of products and energy efficiency.
Our values:
Making the right choice: we act with integrity, in an open transparent relationship through which we strive to build long lasting relations, working for a mutual benefit between people of the Group, our customers and partners.

The value of our word: we are committed to working hard to get results. We are also committed to perform a well done job, to honor our word and make it be honored..

Together we are more: DANUBE is a team in its own right. We listen to each other's contributions and take them into account. We share a global vision and take decisions that promote the common good to place it beyond individual interests.

A rigorous step: we act with initiative and a proactive attitude to provide our customers with adapted solutions, to constantly strive to find better processes and to make our company stronger every day.

Why us?

For 69 years now Danube is developing, designing and bringing solutions to optimize all kind of laundry operations. Experience and knowledge are our keywords.
Innovative and sustainable solutions ensure quality and efficiency in our products. As an international organization, we acquired a worldwide competence in laundry processes.
We are committed to being a proactive and attentive partner at every stages of the laundry process.
Technical support
Our skilled technical team provides a professional support on line or on site. Besides we are a registered technical and sales training organization.
+33 2 54 88 83 22
Complete solutions
We advise on the most appropriate solution for your needs when setting up a laundry in the choice of design, specifications, technical advice and installation optimization.
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