10 de January de 2021

We have a comprehensive catalogue of solutions and machinery for self-service laundries

We are the perfect partner to improve and optimise a self-service laundry

At Danube we have spent many years working in the self-service laundry sector and we have a wide range of solutions and machinery, belonging to a self-service laundry which is ahead of its time.

We aren’t just dedicated to the design and manufacture of self-service washing machines and tumble dryers, we also have specific solutions that will help you to make your business profitable and make the most out of it, both for the space and the equipment you have.

Furthermore, you will find all types of accessories, self-service washing machine dispensers that will allow you to save a large quantity of detergent each year, special modules to optimise the use of space…, it is just a question of spending a few minutes browsing through our website to realise that we are your best option if you want to set up a self-service laundry.

Dosificadores para lavadoras autoservicio

Welcome to our Blue solutions, specially designed for self-service laundries

Since its beginnings, our company has always been committed to the innovation and development of comprehensive solutions for self-service laundries.

You will find a wide range of machinery that will quickly and simply adapt to any coin laundry business, and that now goes even further with these new solutions.

Blue Corner by Danube

The Blue Corner modules have been designed for all those businesses and companies that are intending to set up a small self-service laundry area, with latest generation machinery, and who do not have a large amount of space, for example campsites, hairdressers, beauty salons, hostels, hotels…

You will find three configurations available–1+1 PRO PACK, PRO STACK PACK and DOUBLE PACK–which include the modules, machinery-washing machine and tumble dryer from the Heavy Professional line–, the self-service washing machine dispensers, wallets, coin boxes and a cabinet with table-depending on the pack you have chosen –.

If you would like a bespoke configuration, you just need to send us your proposal and we will study the viability carefully, adapting as far as possible to your requirements and your budget.

Blue Wash by Danube

In this case, we offer you a complete and comprehensive proposal to design and launch your self-service laundry.
We will provide you with all of the necessary equipment for the proper working of the space, according to the specific features of the premises: washing machines and tumble dryers with advanced features, self-service washing machine dispensing kits, lockers for customers, the entire payment and wallet system, change machines for coins and banknotes, accessories to transport linen….
In essence, we will create a self-service laundry with a daring, modern and functional design, whose business model provides guaranteed profitability.
Consider that we are looking at shops capable of working for the majority of the day, all year round, and that do not require staff to be able to open to the public.
Moreover, we also take care of the design of the sticker, being able to fully adapt it according to your wishes: opening times, shop façade, instructions, wifi corner, prices, etc.

Request a quote or personalised advice for any of our “Blue” solutions for self-service laundries


Dosificadores para lavadoras autoservicio


We are fully aware that this type of investment is significant for any company and can generate queries or questions of a varied nature.

For one of our specialist technicians to contact you, you just need to complete the form below.

You can also call us by telephone on +33 254 880 576 or send us an email to info@danube-internacional.com.

We finish by telling you that we also have an extensive catalogue of industrial and hospital laundry machinery: front washing machines, with sanitary barrier, heat pump tumble dryers,wall calenders

We are the best partner possible to optimise and ensure your laundry takes a leap towards the future!