10 de August de 2020

Industrial washer and dryer: efficiency, quality and productivity in equal parts

Laundry equipment for the industrial sector with high performance

 lavadora secadora industrial

If you are thinking of installing an industrial laundry or if you want to optimize the productivity and efficiency of an existing one, you are at the right place. At this point you may have noticed that we are dedicated to the design and manufacture of all types of laundry equipment for various sectors ; One of the most important for us is clearly the industrial sector.

We are characterized by the constant search of innovation and by being strongly committed in the research and development of new technologies that achieve more productive, efficient and safe industrial laundries.

If you need an industrial washer and dryer, it is our duty to show you our extensive catalogue of equipment.

WED 45-60-120 high spin speed industrial washers

 lavadora secadora industrial

We present our new range of front washers with a wide variety of models to cover all kinds of needs: machines designed to satisfy any request of our clients in terms of efficiency and capacity -this specific model can be chosen with a load capacity of 120 kg- whatever the type of business, the size and dimensions.

This new generation of washing machines combines the most advanced technology with the best quality of components and material. It is equipped with the latest features in WET CLEANING and energy and detergents saving systems. They have a G factor of 450 and stand out for their easy to use and intuitive programming ET2 microprocessor, being the ideal machines for the industrial sector.

DD-GOLD ET2 45-60-80 industrial tumble dryers

 lavadora secadora industrial

Our range of DD-GOLD ET2 industrial tumble dryers has been designed to simplify daily tasks in an industrial laundry and meet all existing needs, reducing cycle times and maintaining high drying efficiency without altering clothes. Many of its features have been designed to save energy by reducing drying time: CARE DRY system to control humidity, SOFT DRY featuring new drum perforations to extend the life of clothes, air recycling system, double glass door, insulated panels…

They are also controlled by the new ET2 microprocessor, with a large touch screen that offers the possibility to display illustrative videos, controlling traceability and importing customized drying programs according to each fabric.

If you need some advice, do not hesitate to contact our sales department

Buying industrial laundry machinery represents a significant investment for any company. If you’ve got any questions or would like our sales representative to contact you, please call at +33 (0)2 54 88 05 76, send an email to export@danube-international.com, or fill out the form on the website.