Professional washers for laundries and industrial equipment

The Danube laundry washers are state-of-the-art and designed for different sectors

Welcome to the Danube laundry washers catalogue. This section includes all the available models of industrial washers, with varying speeds and specifications, especially designed for the different sectors with which Danube usually works: Horeca, the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals…

It should be noted that there are three different ranges, each one state-of-the-art, with systems to permit energy savings and a reduced consumption of water and detergents.

If you look at the specific laundry washers, you will find that Danube has designed three different machines: the low speed rangeWEN ET2; another medium speed rangeWEM ET2; and finally the flagship rangeWED ET2, a high-speed machine listed as a soft-mounted high-speed spin washer with models from 11 to 120 Kg. It is equipped and designed to meet the needs of any type of laundry: commercial, industrial, self-service…

It should be noted that a payment system designed for self-service laundrettes, with contactless and other payment methods, can easily be adapted to the washer.

Other important characteristics are that the water levels and speeds can all be personally programmed; the machine uses the EASY TOUCH 2 system, a microprocessor control with touch screen; you can select different load capacities and also adjust the water and detergent consumption. The best representative of the new generation of industrial washers. A safe bet!


The aseptic or barrier washers are specially designed to ensure hygiene of clothing and occupational safety in hospitals

Danube also takes charge of the design and production of barrier washers for hospital and health centres. Three different ranges are available: theMEDII 16-22 ET2, theDBW ET2 and thePULLMAN AS100. In all three cases, one of the most important features is the double door, thus preventing the contamination of clean clothing. Hospitals are an endless source of microbes, bacteria and contaminating agents. This system prevents the risk of the spread of nosocomial infections, hospital-acquired infections, linked to the care of patients. All the washers comply with the RABC standards, thereby guaranteeing top hygiene levels. In addition, they have all been designed to save energy and consumption, thus ensuring respect for the environment at any moment. The machines are ergonomic, user-friendly, robust and do not require high levels of maintenance.


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