Aquabac: obtain an eco wash which is also efficient

Water recovery and an eco wash: the Aquabac system

The new Aquabac water recovery tanks have been especially designed to allow water recovery and savings, achieving an eco wash which is also efficient. This modern system will allow you to reduce your water consumption by 70% every year. Danube offers different models with 1, 2 or 3 tanks of varying capacities. These can be adapted to both industrial washers with ET2 and to barrier washers. This is a highly advanced technology which enjoys an easy-to install system, Plug and Play, requires little space and is easily connected to industrial washer equipment. In addition, the tanks have a self-washing system which is programmed from the EASY TOUCH 2 touch screen and another water filtration system between the second washer drainage and the tanks. These are made of high density polyethylene or stainless steel (optional) and have two sensors for controlling the water level, minimum and maximum, in each one.

The different models of Aquabac water recovery tanks.

As stated above, there are different models of Aquabac. The WREC 1, the WREC 2 and the WREC 3. This is the same model, but with 1, 2 or 3 tanks. With a volume per tank of 80 or 150 litres each depending on your professional and hygiene requirements. If you have an 11, 14 or 18 Kg industrial washer, you should select tanks with a volume of 80 litres. If it is a 27 to 36 Kg washer, then you should select the 150-litre tanks.

In the case of a barrier washer, for a 16 to 22 Kg load capacity, the tank in your Aquabac system should have a capacity of 80 litres. If it is a 27 to 35 Kg washer, you should select the 150-litre tank. For further information, please contact Danube who offers a direct and personalised service. It should be clear that respect for the environment, water savings and a reduced energy and chemical consumption are essential factors in the different industrial sectors and in today's society.

Climb on board the
eco wash bandwagon with the Aquabac system!





Water and energy savings
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