Water and energy savings

Aquabac : water recovery tanks designed for savings and durability in your laundry

The new AQUABAC water recovery tanks have been designed to easily connect to DANUBE washing machines with ET2 and double drain. This allows the recovery of the rinsing water, to be reused for subsequent washings, achieving significant savings in water and energy.

We have different combinations of water tanks, with which you can save up to 70% of your current consumption. This element is practically essential, nowadays, in a laundry, and is the perfect complement for the industrial washer extractors of our catalog.

Aquabac: water recovery system of Danube | www.danubeinternational.com
Aquabac: water recovery system of Danube | www.danubeinternational.com
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  • Models to recover water, composed of 1, 2 or 3 tanks, according to your needs and workload
  • External panels in grey skinplate, easy to clean
  • For front washers capacities 11/14/18 kg or barrier washers 16/22 kg : 80 lts tanks.
  • For front washers capacities 27/36 kg or barrier washers 27/35 kg – 150 lts tanks.
  • Tanks are filled with water by means of water valves.
  • Plug and play installation and to connect to Danube ET2 washers.
  • Tanks made of high density poliethilene and removable for easy
  • maintenance and cleaning.
  • Each recoverer has a water intake, fumes exhaust, water outlet and
  • an overflow/drain.
  • Two level sensors (min and max) in each tank.
  • Little space required.