21 de December de 2020

The ideal solution for washing and maintaining all types of mops in the most demanding environments

Do you need an efficient and technologically advanced industrial washer-extractor to wash your mops?

For many years now, we are tightly committed to the development and manufacture of more efficient, safer and technologically more advanced machines for industrial, hotel and hospital laundries.

We are specialized in guaranteeing maximum hygiene and cleanliness conditions in all types of professional environments with high risk of contamination. Starting from this premise, today we would like to show you all the peculiarities of our new solution for washing and maintaining mops, focusing on services companies, since they are the ones that consume the most this product during their daily tasks.

Mops can be made of different materials, such as microfibers or cotton, and many external agents can eventually deteriorate them, such as dust and dirt, among others.

The drum of our washing machines has been specially designed to wash the mops, without leaving traces of these agents, while considerably extending their lifespan.

Special features of the drum of our industrial washer extractors

Our washers are equipped with a drum designed to get the best performance out of each mop and to remove all dirt and dust without any problem. Here are some of its differential points:

  • Full control of drum movements thanks to the new ET2 microprocessor and its touch screen.
  • The design of the drum perforations allows the washing machine to very easily remove dust and dirt from the mops, without damaging the fabrics and thus greatly prolonging their service life.
  • The drum is equipped with perforated ribs to increase the movement of the water up to 3 times more, with each washing cycle.
  • The spin speed is adapted to reach the percentage of residual humidity which allows to obtain the best possible performance for each type of mops.
  • The washing machine has a large door which facilitates the loading and unloading of the mops.
  • The professional range of washers offers the possibility of incorporating a specific base to process mops, in the lower part, under the drum, which allows significant water and energy savings.
  • The industrial line of front washers can be connected to the Aquabac; a water recovery system with one or more tanks, capable of controlling the water inlets and outlets, in order to further optimize the cleaning of the mops and allow annual water and detergent savings of up to 70%.

Video, on our YouTube channel, on the Aquabac water recovery system:


Requesting a quote or asking questions about our industrial washers specially designed for mops

 lavadora industrial para mopas

It is common to wonder about what to ask if you are considering buying an industrial washer to wash your mops. We have a great experience in the industrial laundry sector; we are happy to advise our clients from the very first moment and share our knowledge with them.

If you would like to request a detailed quotation or ask questions to one of our technicians, simply call +33 (0)2 54 88 05 76, send an email to export@danube-international.com or take a few seconds to complete the contact form.

One of our sales representatives will call you very quickly!