DANUBE has been manufacturing industrial laundry equipment since 1947. We develop design and make solutions to optimize your laundry operations. Innovation, design and construction are the keys to the group’s success.
We offer the best laundry solution adapted to your needs. With our long experience, we know that each installation has its own specific situation that's why we would be pleased to share our know-how: choice of concept, definition of machines, optimization of installations.



DANUBE was an established leader in France for the production of semi-industrial Laundry equipment.


The company initially started producing household equipment, however evolving market requirements resulted in an adaptation of technics to respond to specific customers’ demand.


With more than sixty years of history and experience Danube is still maintaining a spirit of dynamism and innovation, a spirit which has served us so well since the early pioneering days.

Customer feedback, reactivity, high performance levels and peace of mind

DANUBE actions are led by the careful attention that we pay to our customers’ specific needs. We are more than a simple supplier. We are your available, attentive, committed and proactive partner.

Hotels and hospitality laundry projects

Danube achieved considerable success in the hospitality sector around the world, it is why DANUBE laundry machines are used by most of the hotels networks. Of course, DANUBE is always ready to offer the best laundry solution adapted to customers’ needs.
DANUBE will be pleased to help in design and sizing of the OPL. .

Healthcare & clean room laundry operations

Are defined as healthcare facilities: nursing homes, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, clinics and hospitals. Besides DANUBE has a long and great experience in pharmaceutical industry and clean rooms where uniforms have to be processed in situ.
As we all know there are many potential sources of microbiological contaminations as bacteria are easily spread unless very strict controls are in place.
DANUBE barrier washers are designed with a durability factor in mind so that you will get an ergonomic machine requiring few maintenance.
Since 1984 it has been recognized that DANUBE barrier washers reduce the risk of spreading nosocomial infections (hospital acquired infections) during laundering.
A key concern with heathcare linen is the soiling with blood and other potentially infectious materials. It is through this concern that the design of healthcare laundry facility may differ from a commercial laundry. Research on all fronts to meet all of the requirements through well planned engineering with help of Danube engineers.
There are specifics for the exchange and direction of airflow as well as general safety for evacuation, fire safety and steam piping. One particular difference with a healthcare laundry operation is the focus on infection control and cleanliness. it is essential to create surfaces that will not harbor microorganisms. Just ask for the help of our engineers who have played a vital part in reducing hygiene hazards in healthcare and clean rooms OPL over the last 30 years.

DANUBE, member of the ONNERA international business group which markets its products all over the world.